Three Hobbies For The Technology Obsessed

Posted on Nov 6 2017 - 5:25pm by Editorial Staff

Technology is firmly embedded into our lives. The moment we wake up we check our smartphones, and it’s one of the last things we look at before we go to sleep. We go into a restaurant or doctor and use touch screen technology, we sit on computers at work- better tech has given us everything from more efficient kitchen appliances to safer vehicles. Technology has also provided lots of opportunities for fun hobbies, here are just a few that you can try out!


One area of technology that’s really taken off in the last few years is drones. These are great for anyone that makes videos as you can get some awesome aerial shots, but they’re fun to fly in general. You can get them at all price points so whether it’s something you’re looking to dabble in, or a new hobby you intend on doing on a regular basis there will be something for you out there. Read plenty of reviews so you can snag the best one at your price point. Not everyone needs a license to fly a drone, if yours is for recreational purposes and is under twenty kilos in weight then you’re good to go. For commercial purposes or larger drones a license is needed so something to be aware of.

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Video Games

Considering video games a couple of decades ago involved a things like ‘Pong’- just a couple of pixels on a screen, things have come a long way. People might consider video gaming as just an unproductive way to kill time, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need in a hobby. Something fun and mindless to distract yourself from the stresses of the day. Playing around with video game cheats is a good way to experience everything that the game has to offer too. Technology allows you to connect with people all over the world while playing games, so it can have a social element to it as well. To make things even more fun, how about gaming with a VR headset? Current models you can buy for use at home are excellent thanks to recent developments in technology.


Playing an instrument is an incredible skill, but is something that can take many years to master. If you want to make music and get started right away, music making software can make that a possibility. Of course it still takes time to work everything out and get good at it, but it allows you to create tracks with lots of different instruments without having to physically learn to play them. If you create your own Youtube videos or just home movies, you can use these tracks as background music for a fun personal touch. Otherwise you can just enjoy the process of making your own unique music.

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There’s some incredible tech out there these days, if you’re on the hunt for a new hobby why not try out one of these?

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