This Dog Has An Inheritance Worth $412 Million

Posted on Nov 7 2018 - 12:50pm by Editorial Staff

I just finished listening to a TED talk by Carl Safina, where he talks about how pet owners are always bothered about whether our animals love ‘us’. The questions however should be whether we as human beings are capable of ever loving animals and letting life just continue on the planet. After hearing such a moving talk, this infographic comes as a sign of relief that. If you are an animal lover and are disheartened by the state of how animals are treated around the world, how pets are abandoned in every locality, if you try to do your best be supporting local shelters but still manage to feel low when you browse the internet, or read your local feed, here is an uplifting thought, there are people out there that leave behind all their worldly possessions to their fluffy, animal buddies, and here is the link to that great infographic.

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