How To Get A G Class Driver’s License And What Are Its Benefits?

Posted on Nov 4 2018 - 8:34pm by Editorial Staff

Driver’s licenses are basically classified in mainly three categories, G1, G2 and G. Where G1 is the learners’ license, G is a fully-fledged license. G class license is important for all people who are expecting to drive for duration of more than five years. Owning this license helps in reducing rates on insurance policies as well. There are several other advantages that this license provides you.  To reap these advantages, you need to learn the right way to obtain it.

What Does a “G License” Include?

G license permits the license owner to drive any vehicle, truck, or van.  It can also be used to drive a vehicle along with a towed vehicle that weighs upto 4,600 kg. In this case, the total weight of the vehicle and a towed vehicle must not exceed 11,000 kg. Another condition to obtain a G license holder is that an applicant is not allowed to drive an air-brake equipped vehicle, a motorcycle, a bus or a transport truck.

License Needs

For a driver who wishes to apply for any “G license”, has to fulfill a set of requirements. These include:

  • Hold a legal G2 license for a minimum of 1 year. If a driver has completed a recognized driver training program, then eight months’ time period will be adequate.
  • To get G2 license, it is needed for a driver to complete a short road test and a knowledge test. Click here for more information to know about your eligibility for G class driving license.

There are several helpful resources that you can find on the web. It will help you get an idea of what types of questions will be asked in the test. Taking a quiz will give you an examination feel and help in dealing with the pressure. To be eligible for obtaining a driving license, a candidate has to successfully pass this test.

  • Acquire as much information as you can, pertaining to this test.
  • Practice as much as you can online prior to appearing for this test. As experience comes with practice, you must pay time and effort in practicing it. A thorough understanding, extensive preparation and immense practice would get you success in this test.
  • Clear a vision test.

If a driver successfully clears above requirements, then they finally have to appear for one last road examination. This test is a vision test that is of 45 minutes duration. This test will test the driving abilities of driver in areas such as highway driving, parking etc.

Advantages of possessing a G License

It is recommended that drivers obtain a G license as early as possible. G license provides following benefits:

  • It doesn’t expire
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Ability to drive even without passenger and other sort of restrictions

To apply for a G license, it is advised to get in touch with a local service center.


Learning about the prerequisites, process of application and benefits of G class license will help you get this license quickly and easily.

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