The Worst Roads In The World (Infographic)

Posted on Jul 11 2013 - 12:43pm by Alexandra Ashton

They are high, steep, confusing or bumpy… These are just some of the adjectives we can use to describe some of the worst roads in the world. With over one billion automobiles on the planet, it’s only normal that some of them have to wander through impossible places, but the ones we are about to show you in our infographic “The Worst Roads in the World” are, truly, the worst of them all.

From Bolivia, where the North Yungas Road makes cars circulate at a height of 600 meters with less than 3 meters wide, causing vertigo even to the bravest drivers out there, to Iran, where you can find the Shahdad-Nahbandan, the hottest road on Earth with a maximum temperature of 70.7 degree Centigrade, our infographic has them all.Just imagine driving your car in one of these trails, it must break every driver’s concentration! In a lot of countries, not even the magnificent natural beauty can erase the fact that the roads are just impossible. Take the example of Swindon, in England. Beautiful area, good roads, an enjoyable ride… Until you get to the crazy roundabout that has earned the title and award of “Most Confusing Road” on the planet. They call it “Magic Roundabout”, but we have another opinion about it. With five roundabouts that culminate in a giant and super-confusing roundabout, you might just call it a messy carrousel.

Now, imagine driving a truck and not a small car on these roads… That would be catastrophic. However, a lot of professionals have to do it and deal with it. So, if a truck can, so does your car, although it won’t be easy. In the future, there might be a solution to drive on roads like these: probably flying cars. Let’s hope they come really soon!

The Worst Roads In The World (Infographic)

The Worst Roads In The World (Infographic); Credit: CarFinance247 

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