The Evolution Of The M Series (Infographic)

Posted on Oct 25 2013 - 12:28am by Alexandra Ashton

BMW’s subsidiary sports line simply known as M or M Series recently performed the final tests to officially introduce the new generation M3, in Munich (Germany), where the company has its headquarters. Add to this amazing vehicle the fabulous M4 concept already announced by the German automaker and you have all the necessary ingredients that one brand needs to celebrate its 35 years. That’s right! BMW M Series is having a good time in 2013 with an important birthday and two brand new models that you can discover in our latest infographic.

Well, not just these two, but actually all the vehicles produced by the luxury sports line. We summarized the most important moments of the M Series’ history so you can remember what really matters. And by moments we mean cars, truly amazing cars!

After successful models like the M5 Sedan F10 or the Z3 M E36 Roadster, the automaker is really betting on the two new stars of its collection. The M3, like it was referred in the beginning, was recently spotted while being tested by journalists. And the M4 – a model that will share the same mechanical production methods – was there, as well. Although there is already some information about the specs of each model, more official data will be released by the German brand in the beginning of 2014.

What we already know is that, although BMW is celebrating its past, it’s already also looking at the future and thinking about presenting a spicy version of the M4 in 2016, the M4 GTS. This new model will be made of carbon fiber and directed to the tracks and races. But let’s stop looking so far into the future and remember the biggest triumphs of the M Series in the last 35 years. Ride into the horizon with our infographic!

m-series-infographic 2

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