Sony’s Vita Version Is Out, But The Market Seems To Be Fading

Posted on Feb 23 2012 - 10:39am by Editorial Staff

With Japanese electronics giant Sony’s most awaited Playstation version – the PS Vita made its debut yesterday, February 22nd – Analysts are skeptical that the gaming console will find fans in such a said to be faded market environment. The Playstation hits the United Stated on Wednesday along with the launch that take place worldwide – Vita will be a tough to make its place in gamers heart as they already owes Apple iPads with them and now with such a $250 price tag, it somehow make it tougher to sold out in a larger scale.

“It almost feels like Sony designed a product for a world where smartphones and tablets don’t exist,” said Gartner Research Director Michael Gartenberg. “It costs more than most phones and the same as most gaming consoles. It is hard to say who is the market for this.”

“The Vita is really cool, but at this point I don’t see any real reason for buying it,” he said. “I don’t feel like it’s worth the money.” Josh Calixto, a 22-year-old video editor in Los Angeles, said he was not interested in the 20 or so games launching with it because he has already played some of them on consoles.

Besides the $250 price tag for the basic gaming console, users could end up paying additional $40 or $50 for each game they would like to add-on in their list (for the complete list), and also not to forgot the memory stick too will cost $20 – on an whole the gaming company Sony is targeting with a $50 million marketing campaign – that we all will surely get to know in coming days with whether that the company is really able to make it stand in the market with the Playstation Vita or not.

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