Some Tips For More Productivity At Work

Posted on Mar 14 2019 - 12:05am by Editorial Staff
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How to increase my productivity? Such helpful tool like a cordless phone? It is the question of any person who works, whether as an employee or owner of the business itself. The various activities carried out must be done not only respecting deadlines, but also with quality.

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With the various technological tools we have, for example, it can be much easier to perform these tasks and thus increase productivity at work. But these same tools often end up being responsible for eventual wasting time, which are one of the main obstacles for those who want to be more productive. Distractions from the internet, from the cell phone, coupled with wrong habits and even facts about our well-being, undermine any chance of making our work better than it is.

But, of course, productivity is not impossible, and you do not have to live on the job to get it. Check out these tips that will help you increase your productivity at work.

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Organize the tasks as much as possible

Organizing the main activities is essential so that not only you have a better idea of ​​what to do, but also to empty your head a little, without the chance to erase that activity and finish without doing it. Write down the tasks that you must do, it may be in a list, spreadsheet, mobile phone or elsewhere, but that is where you have easy access and see frequently. Separate them according to your routine, your available schedules, and the real urgency of that task. Thus, you will have a sense of what is important and should be done and what you can stay for another time. But it’s important not to waste too much time just on the task of organization. By hand in the mass is what will ensure the fulfillment of the activity, and not only know that it exists with notes.

Control working time and rest

A productive professional is not the one who sticks his face to the monitor, taking work home or lunches while doing the activities. Attitudes of this kind, which aim to advance the service, actually only make productivity fall and bring about health problems.

So, control the time you spend working. We recommend intervals of 10 to 15 minutes for every 1 and a half hours of work, and up to half an hour for every two hours direct. The activities should not be exhaustive, so when you realize you can’t continue, stop. Give yourself a break so you can relieve stress and recharge your batteries so that when you come back, you produce more and better.

Be careful with social networks, internet, cell phones and the like

Your accounts on social networks, news sites or humor, messages in chats and others should not take large portions of your time. These services are not your job, and using them too much will not get your activities done. So if you really want to be productive, start with the settings for these services. Turn off notifications on your phone, or turn it off during an activity that requires more concentration. To prevent noise interference from outside you might need a device such as the Plantronics 8220 Savi wireless headset. When attending a client, meeting, or spreadsheet controls, for example, notifications with game invitations or photo comments will only divert their focus and delay the delivery time of the task. Also, schedule times to access your profiles and your emails. The time spent on these activities can be a distraction, but should not be longer than the time reserved for the tasks. With discipline and will, you’ll see that it’s easier than it looks and will bring real gains to your productivity.

Use methods that facilitate production

There are methods that can help you to be ‘more timely’ in order to produce more in a certain time frame.

A method, for example, consists of dividing your time into periods of 25 minutes of direct work, and using intervals of 5 to 15 minutes for rest and recharge of the batteries. During the 25 minutes, no distractions should affect the employee, and this precious time should be used with focus solely on the job.

Have a good hobby

An activity can make your job better. Everyone should, in leisure time, do something that brings pleasure and relaxation, as well as keep the brain functioning. Reading, playing sports, music classes or other activities will make you reinvigorate, forget the problems, keep your head working, and with that set, increase your production. Your hobby may even bring you good ideas that will help with the job. Have a good work!

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