Attractive Deck Railings To Choose And Create A Dream Oasis Outdoor

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Deck is a pleasing addition to any home. It is a valuable outdoor space, which can be used to relax and enjoy a family gathering. Deck railing is crucial for safety of those using the area. Even deck stairs can be insecurely steep or not constantly stable. Elderly and kids can be at risk of falling, so make sure to have handrails built along with deck railing and attach them to stairway.

Deck railing doesn’t need to look unattractive. There are several kinds of deck railings to choose from to suit your style and needs. However, first you will need to understand the residential code regarding decks. Decks, which are 30” above the ground level, need to have a railing at minimal 36” in height. It is sensible to check with your city codes to ensure proper height.

Types of deck railings

Cable deck railing

Cables are arranged vertically or horizontally to gain a modern and chick look. It is a great way to enjoy clear view from deck without any compromise on safety aspect.

Metal deck railing

Metal railings are also cool and there are different kinds of options in intricate designs to choose from.

  • Aluminum – It is affordable for those looking for low maintenance and flexible decking. You get different colors and easily accessible. You will certainly find an ideal one that blends with outdoor looks.
  • Iron – Wrought iron can give you a classic look and is a great option. Classic ornate spiral spindles never go out of style. In addition, iron railing is strong, durable, and last long.

Vinyl deck railing

Vinyl railings can give a perfect shape and style to the deck. They are available in multiple colors and shapes. You can buy them at low cost. It is a good option for DIY homeowners because they can buy vinyl deck railing kit.

Composite deck railing

Composite deck railings are versatile and popular option because durable and low maintenance. You get to choose from many styles ranging from natural wood look to intricate spindle design. In addition, they are great choice for eco-friendly homeowners.

Glass deck railing

Decks are appealing because of the unmatched view of the surrounding it gives. You don’t desire a single design that can ruin the view of natural beauty. A glass railing can offer an uninterrupted view. However, you will need to maintain it a little to preserve its shape.

Wood deck railings

If you plan to design a traditional wooden deck then it will look gorgeous, when accompanied with traditional wood railing. Make sure that the deck stair rail is also designed with same wooden material. Railing cost will rely on the kind of wood to be used. Sometimes, wood railings are available in a straight-linear design but in some styles intricate details can be seen.

Wooden railing will need a specific kind of maintenance. You can choose the kind of wood that blends with the deck wood material including Cedar, teak, mahogany, redwood, or pressure-treated lumber. Besides deck and stair railings there are several other ways to add style. You can include deck railing planters, lighting, seating’s and create an outdoor oasis of your dream.

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