A Sexy New Swimsuit Makes For A Great New Year’s Resolution

Posted on Jan 18 2017 - 7:22am by Editorial Staff

Remember when the majorityof swimsuit retailers used to cater their styles almost exclusively to slim women, but somehow those who were plus-size missed out on all the cute options? The good news is body positivity is on the rise, and the frontrunners of the fashion industry have started to recognize that having a full figure does not stop you from wanting to find a comfortable, stylish, sexy new swimsuit.  Whether you’re basking in the sun on an upcoming winter getaway, or by the poolside when the summer months roll in, you want to be assured that you have choices.

What’s helped plus-size women to find trendier, more fashion forward swimsuits is the increase in beautiful, plus-size models finally having the opportunity to pose in a bikini. Plus size models like Robyn Lawley who appears in Sports Illustrated, is giving plus-size women the confidence to shop for that perfect, sexy new lookwithout compromise, or apologizing for her curves.

While the industry has made strides, and has caught on to the importance of providing plus-size women with desirable swimwear, the evidence of this is still lacking in many large department stores. For the best deals on womens swimwear that actually gives proper coverage without being outdated in style – the truth is that your local shopping mall might not be the best place to look. Browsing online however is not only more convenient, it provides you with many more of the options that you seek. Speciality boutiques like swimsuitsforall make swimsuit shopping easy. With sizes ranging from 8 to 34 that are designed to hug a plus-size body properly, you can’t go wrong. Choose from flirty styles like the swim dress or skirtini, to sportier styles like those available in their gym to swim collection. Do you love your first purchase and want to expand your wardrobe? Receive 40% off your next suit when you refer a friend.

There are indeed many options when it coms to plus size swimwear for women. One two-piece style that has been receiving buzz is the tankini. It provides more coverage than an average bikini, while being no less flirty and leaving a touch more to the imagination. It makes for an attractive alternative for someone who dares to bare a little more skin without stepping too far out of their comfort zone – great for women accustomed to one-pieces but who want to try out something different.

Your body type might also call for a varying style. If you’re a woman with a larger upper body, you may want to minimize your waist-line with a high waisted look, whereas ladies with larger thighs can go for a flared bottom look. This is where the benefit of shopping online comes into play – there are style guides and available, and blogs to help you decide on the ideal combination. Most importantly however, is that you can take your time to choose the perfect swimsuit that suits your specific needs and taste without feeling rushed. No longer does a plus-size woman need to feel limited when she chooses to go for a dip, celebrate your body with the confidence of knowing that there are retailers out there looking out for you.

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