The Secret To Making Perfect Pasta

Posted on Jul 21 2017 - 6:59pm by Editorial Staff

Pasta is love and preparing the perfect pasta is nothing less than an art. We are sure many of you must already be a master at this amazing artform and would already be the regular pasta chef of your house. While the general way of preparing pasta is to buy a pack and prepare everything from the sauce to the add-ons at home, there’s one new-age way as well. This brand-new preparation process will let you prepare healthy and delicious pasta from scratch at home. Multiple healthcare brands like KENT have introduced noodle and pasta machine that let you experiment with taste, shape and size of your pasta. Sounds unbelievable, isn’t it?

We bet you didn’t know this secret about the healthcare brands and their revolutionary product. Now that you have decided to go ahead and buy one, let us tell you a few more secrets that will help you in preparing the perfect past for your family and friends. Take a look!

  1. When boiling the pasta, make sure the container is big enough to let pasta move around with ease. In addition, add salt to boiling water for a yummy plate of pasta. Salted water lets the pasta cook well and the big vessel helps each flake cook to perfection.
  2. Many people have a habit of constantly stirring the pasta vessel. However, we suggest not to stir it the whole time. Constant stirring can cause breakage and spoil your presentation. Although, make sure they are not sticking together by stirring occasionally.
  3. You might not believe it, but while aiming to cook the perfect pasta, make sure you are undercooking the pasta. Really, it’s true. Boil the pasta only until pasta is still a tiny bit hard in the centre. Stove cooking with pasta sauce will cook the remaining hardness in the centre. Undercooking maintains the shape of the pasta and makes the presentation perfect.
  4. Once you are sure that pasta is perfectly boiled, drain down water and rinse pasta under running water. Use your hand to separate all those stuck together. Keep rinsing until all the pieces are separate from each other. Return them to the pot with sauce or veggies to give your pasta a thorough cooking.
  5. Keep cooking with desired sauce or veggies until equally mixed. Add all the spices you want and leave it for 5-10 minutes on the stove until they are cooked well.
  6. Garnish with the desired ingredients and serve hot.

So, the next time when you are preparing delicious and healthy pasta using your brand-new pasta machine, make sure you are following these tips to make that perfect pasta you have been craving for. Also, keep experimenting with brand new pasta dishes using your Kent Noodle and Pasta Maker for an amazing experience every single time. So, make the most of your new-age appliance to feed your friends, kids and parents delicious and yummy pasta whenever you want.

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