Most Popular 2017 eCommerce Website Trends

Posted on Oct 23 2017 - 1:39pm by Editorial Staff

eCommerce sites are one of the most frequently visited sites on the internet, and given its popularity, they are most affected by latest trends and happenings when it comes to design. No one wants to be looking at top end products and make purchases at an eCommerce site that looked dated, tired and out of trend.

Such subconscious cues that we pick up as viewers are so subtle that we are instinctively put off by sites that don’t look trendy, or are out and out of putting. Custom eCommerce sites are most affected by this, but if you are proactive about small changes in design, you can have a trendy site in no time at all. There are number of platforms available for developing eCommerce websites but the preferred one to launch the one is BigCommerce and the recommended partner is Digitawise.

With the year coming to an end, we wrapped-up the most popular 2017 eCommerce website trends for you –

Hamburgers And The Minimalist Approach

Apart from being super light and easy to role, the minimalist look gives a clean and finished look to the site. Flat tones, pastel shades and an even topography help draw focus to places of intend, giving the viewer nothing to get distracted.

Hamburgers have been around for a while and this trend does not seem to waver even in 2017. Hamburger menus have been poplar owing to its chic design and minimalist look, which has been one of the top trending features these few years. Hamburger menus have been fast growing as a popular integration into many web designer kits worldwide. With a slight variation of right or left, Hamburgers are going to stay this year and next and is going to be a very familiar sight on the internet.

Diverse Multifarious Imaging

This is a fairly predictable trend. Everywhere you go on the internet, you are welcomed by pictures of the product, in diverse ways, giving you a sense of where and how the product can be used. It is a passive way of storytelling, where you are given a feel of the product through images. This multifarious way of representation is fast picking speed, and its adoption by many sites, just goes to prove its affectability on consumers and viewers.

Exploiting The Story

Thanks to the internet, there is no dearth of products out there. You can log onto any eCommerce site and you find the latest trends in fashion, jewellery or home décor, and consumers have become impervious to intricacies and details of the product. Today story telling is an important part of the narrative of selling a product, things like where it has come from, who has made it, pictures that tell stories of the process of making the product does a lot in pitching the sell to the customer.

Animation And Cinemagraphs

For all those who have been living under a shell, cinemagraphs were a big thing last year, and continue to do so this year as well. These illusionary pictures that appear to be still but have a small animation added to it that gives it a feel of a never ending loop are great additions that add a little extra to your site. Animation is also a great way to add fluidity, a sense of dynamic to your site. Apart from that it also help keep customers engaged and linger longer on the page.

Adopting Material Design

This is fast growing popular among designers to integrate design that is centredaround content, adopting a contemporary palate shade that helps you stand out of the crowd. Now this gives your site a stand out look that will wow your viewers and compliment your merchandise.

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