How To Plan The Perfect Date This Valentine’s Day

Posted on Feb 10 2017 - 1:59pm by Editorial Staff

It may still be a bit drizzly and gloomy outside as the winter months continue to bluster your hair into a haystack and make your clothes sodden and slushy, but it’s February now….and you know what that means? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

How are you and your significant other going to celebrate your love for one another this year?

Maybe you’re going to a sultry dinner for two at a classy restaurant, or maybe you’re seeing a rock n roll musical show together at a glitzy West End theatre, or maybe you’re just keeping casual with a quiet night in and a take away – either way, if you haven’t planned your lovers evening yet, it’s time to get a wiggle on!

There is a lot to plan: where to go, what to wear, what to buy your lover… where do you start! Don’t worry, we’re here to help direct you on how to plan your PERFECT Valentine’s Day evening together.

Date Ideas

First thing’s first, what do you want to do to celebrate your love for one another? This completely depends on what you two are like as a couple and what you like to do together. Do you like being silly together? Perhaps you both love quirky and unusual things and are looking for a date that reflects that. Or maybe you want something super special with red wine and rose petals galore to do this Valentine’s Day.

A good way to start hunting for date ideas is by deciphering what characteristics represent you as a couple, and following that trend.

Here are some quick date ideas to get the ball rolling


Keep it simple with a good film, popcorn and some chilled out romance. This date idea is easy, but it’s always a winner. A lot of couples start their relationship with a trip to the cinema, why not come full circle with a return to where your love first started to flourish? If you’re looking for something a little different, check out if there are any Art House cinemas or midnight screenings of old films happening near you.


Even if neither of you are particularly into space, the planetarium is still a wonderful place to go on a romantic getaway to the beyond. Stars and planets dance above you as you travel through galaxies. It’s a breath-taking experience and one that will take you and your partner to the heavens and back.

Table for two

Candle light, red wine, gourmet food… Add a touch of refinement to your evening with a trip to a sophisticated designer restaurant or bar. Experiment and go to somewhere you’d never usually go – it’s Valentine’s Day, shake it up a little! You can also take this opportunity to dress up to the max in one of your favourite evening dresses, formal dresses or ball dresses. If you’re going to choose a day to dress to impress, this is it. Maybe dress your date up too! Get him decked out in some men’s smart shoes and a formal jacket. Feel frivolous and treat yourselves this Valentine’s Day!

Art Gallery

A good option if you’re looking to celebrate during the daytime. Art galleries are a great place to soak up some of the most phenomenal examples of civilisation. They are always fantastic places to discuss, debate, question and theorise with one another.

What to Wear

Dress in whatever defines your style and makes you feel comfortable.

If you’re looking to dress to impress, knock his socks off with a classic little black dress and some killer stilettos complemented with smokey eyes, sleek hair and glossy lips.

If that’s not your style experiment with some vintage fabrics with a 50s dress and some cute ankle-strap shoes. Couple this with some ruby red lips and winged eyes and you’ve got yourself the perfect retro babe look.

If you want to add some alternative glam rock to your look punk it out with some high-volume hair and high-volume boots. Smokey eyes and red lips will give you grungy attitude whilst also making you look fierce for your Valentine’s

Day date!

Wear what makes you feel the most like YOU! He’s into you and will be a fan of whatever you rock Valentine’s Day in.

How to Make your Valentine’s Matter

There is a lot of pressure to make Valentine’s Day as special as possible. Firstly, don’t stress yourself out or force your evening out together to be romantic! If you keep forcing it, the likelihood of both of you enjoying yourselves will slowly dwindle throughout the evening. The first rule is…

Be Present

Be alive to your partner, relish the evening, don’t panic about plans or if this evening is going well. Sit back, relax and enjoying the company you’re in!

Have a gift prepared

Even if it’s just a little something having a gift prepared to give will make the evening feel special. It could be tickets to his favourite band, a book he’s been talking about, or even just a letter to say thank you for everything so far.

Let the evening take you

Have an initial plan, that part is key, but if things don’t go to plan, don’t panic! Maybe the film you wanted to go and see isn’t on any more, instead of going into ‘oh no!’ mode, take the opportunity to explore what else there is to do around the area. Some of the best evenings out start with an adventure into the unknown. Discovering a hidden gem together sound like fun!

Focus on your partner

Take this day to really cherish your partner, it’s what Valentine’s Day is all about! Listen to them, be playful with them and communicate to them that you love them.

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