5 Special Reasons To Visit Zante This Winters

Posted on Feb 10 2017 - 7:06pm by Editorial Staff

The Greek Island of Zante is one of the most beautiful in the world and that should come as no surprise. Greece is world-renowned for it’s incredible islands that have crystal clear blue water and tons of things to do on them. It’s the perfect relaxing vacation.

However, why would you go to a Greek island like Zante in the winter time? Well, there’s plenty of reasons why! The weather isn’t so bad on the Greek islands, even in the winter, so there’s really no reason not to visit. Read on to explore why Zante is the perfect winter destination for you.

Great Beaches and Tons of Watersports

If you’re looking for fantastic beaches for any of your holiday vacations, then Zante’s beaches need to be on your list. They are absolutely spectacular with beautiful sand and the best views of the sea. For example, there’s the iconic Shipwreck Beach that can only be reached by boat. It’s surrounded by a lateral cliff of white rock and looks out onto the crystal clear blue water. Plus, there’s a shipwreck right on the beach. How much better could that be?

There are tons of other beaches for you to relax on during your stay on Zante, so this is definitely a plus, even in winter!

It’s A Natural Paradise

For many people, out there, one of the best lures of Zante is that it’s a real natural paradise on Earth. For example, you can see endangered Caretta turtles up close and personal – something you can’t do on many places on Earth. There are plenty of state parks on the island that allow you to really experience the natural world in all its glory.

If you’re a nature nerd and love seeing some of the most beautiful flora and fauna, you’ve got to head to Zante.

The Local Cuisine

If you’re looking for some of the best food in the world, you’ve got to head to Zante. One of the best reasons to visit in the winter time is that there are not going to be that many tourists as there would be in the summer. So, you’re going to have the local restaurants all to yourself. That means that you’ll have plenty of time to sample all of the fantastic local cuisine that’s only created with the highest quality of ingredients.

Tons of Spirituality and Culture

One of the other draws of Zante is the incredible culture of the island. Christianity was brought to the island in the early years of the first millennium, so their culture has had plenty of time to grow and change over the years. You will find plenty of small churches on the island to explore and plenty of time to learn all there is to know about the culture of Zante.

Be sure to speak to some of the local people on the island about their history and culture. Sure, there’s plenty of time to spend on the beaches and exploring the natural beauty of the island, but half the beauty comes from the people themselves.

The Talented People of Zante

The people of Zante are one of the most artistic people on Earth thanks to their unique history. You will often hear locals breaking out into serenades and songs at any moment they find opportune. So, if you like hearing some great music and singing along with the local people, you’re going to be very happy at Zante.

Zante is not only one of the most beautiful islands on Earth – it’s also one of the most unique and interesting. From natural wonders to an incredible local culture, you will definitely find plenty to do here in the winter time. Plus, you won’t have to deal with those huge crowds of tourists that come in the summer.

Photo by Mike, CC BY 2.0

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