Must Have Tech Gadgets For Teens

Posted on Jan 20 2016 - 7:01am by Editorial Staff


This is the season to celebrate and enjoy family and loved ones – particularly those who never stop bringing you joy and happiness – your teens. For the tech-loving teens in our lives, give them a gift this holiday season that shows them you understand, care, and listen, perhaps they may, for once, act the same.

A Speaker That Is All About Physics

This speaker will remind you that you are truly living in the future, while showing your teen that you too can purchase and gift some incredibly cool items. The Helium Levitate speaker uses magnets to create a force field that levitates the speaker. This unique speaker does not only offer a creative design but also features great sound and versatility. You can even take phone calls and move it anywhere you’d like – did I mention you can attach it to anything metal?

For the Teen That Loves Cycling

For the teen that loves to bike, explore or is all about the environment, The Hammerhead One is the perfect gift. Your teen will love the high-tech device that eases his/her routine, while you will love the safety it provides. No more constant phone checking for directions or broken phones. The device is a T-shaped gadget that attaches to the handlebars and utilizes glowing LEDs to demonstrate whether you have to turn right, left, or continue straight by using your smartphone Bluetooth!

The Gift Every Teen Wants

Show your teen that you understand all the buzz around virtual reality. The Samsung Gear VR or xFyro waterproof earbuds may be a good option for your teen if he/she is all about Samsung. The device is compatible with most smartphones and will allow him/her to play games and watch Netflix.

GoPro Is The New Craze

GoPros have become the new craze in the past few years. For teens that are all about action, sports, adventures, and film, gift them the toy that they can’t resist. Don’t forget to purchase all the necessary accessories to make it wearable, mountable, waterproof, and even indestructible.

Tablets Never Go Out Of Style

Which teen doesn’t spend a lot of time online? Whether watching movies, playing games or connecting with friends, they are always online and always on their devices. With a Time2 Tablet you can ensure that your teen is using one of the leading tablets in the market with vivid colours, extended screen, and a myriad of features.

Enter The Age Of New Skateboards

Skateboards are no longer what they used to be. Today’s Skateboards are being reshaped into new designs some of which will no longer need to be pushed off. To make your teen stand out, get him annular skates which are crafted to move when you move side to side by leaning. The wheels on this “skateboard” are not even attached, but they sure provide a new kind of thrill. Adults you are all recommended to ride in your own discretion.

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