Make Your Business The Next “Apple” Or “Disney” With This Expert Advice

Posted on Apr 4 2016 - 3:27pm by Editorial Staff

What do you think about when you hear the words Apple or Disney? When you hear the word Apple you don’t automatically picture a fresh fruit. Rather, you might visualise a silver outline of an apple with a bite out of it. You might even start to think of the iPhone, a Macbook or an iPad. What about Disney? Most people immediately will start to imagine that friendly mouse. It’s important to consider why this is the case. Once you understand that, you will be holding the building blocks that will allow you to create a great logo design and, consequently, business brand recognition.

Brand recognition means that your business or company will be recognised by the buying public. With this recognition, they might also form ideas about your business. For instance, many people will agree Disney provide wholesome family entertainment. Someone with a little more knowledge of the industry may know Disney is responsible for the resurgence of the superhero genre.

Apple might have both negative and positive connotations attached to the brand. Depending on who you talk to someone might mention how Apple is a top innovator of electrical goods. Someone else might claim they’re responsible for a lack of individuality in the mobile phone market. This is an example of how brand recognition might not always be the advantage you hope for. We’ll talk more about the negative impact brand recognition can have further down. For now, we want to show you how you can build positive brand recognition for your business.

Viral Marketing

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The first possibility we suggest for building brand recognition is viral marketing. Viral marketing means that information about your business is shared by millions of internet users. The goal is to get your business noticed on a global platform. It’s a real possibility that can be obtained using key marketing techniques. You need to start by getting active on social media. You need to set up accounts on as many different forms of social media as you can think of. You will be able to expand the reach of your business and give consumers and way to interact with your company. Remember, social networks you use in your personal life present great business opportunities. Snapchat is often seen as a harmless app for sharing funny pictures between friends. But lately, it’s been used as much more. Businesses and corporations have created stories that consumers can follow.

But social networking is only one part of viral marketing. You need to build content as well. You can build up content on a business blog or your company site. Your content must tell a story that consumers will be interested in, and it should connect directly to your target customer. They need to have the desire to buy the product or service that you’re selling. As well as this, they should be encouraged to send word of your product online across their social networks. This is the birth of viral marketing and it’s a tool you must use for your company.

Don’t forget that for viral marketing to work, you have to get people to notice your business online. Part of this is certainly using social media effectively. But you need to think about SEO as well. SEO is key for getting online users to take notice of your business.

Unique Promotion

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Once your business enters the market you will immediately feel the strain of other companies pushing against your own. Many will be providing the same product or a similar service to your own. The new way that the world is connected has opened up the global market to smaller companies. But it has also made every industry a lot more competitive. The price of this is the risk of being pushed out of the market by not making enough noise. Or, failing to separate yourself from the crowds. It’s an issue prevalent in every major industry on the market today. To solve the problem you must find a way to make sure that your business stands out.

One possibility is providing your customers with free merchandise. Many businesses have run successful marketing campaigns by offering customers just a little more. In some cases, this has been personalised merchandise like wristbands. Wristbands are great because they don’t cost a lot to produce. But they’re stylish, and people will wear them. If you make sure your business name or image is on the band it becomes a self-paid for promotion. Promotional products may seem like nothing more than gimmicks. But this seemingly inconsequential marketing tactic could put you ahead of the competition.

You need to be creative with your marketing tactics. Try doing something that no other business can replicate. For instance, many companies have found great success by using guerilla marketing tactics. Guerilla marketing is a great form of offline promotion. A team of staff is hired to connect with a crowd and draw people where the business owner wants them to be. It’s a fantastic idea if you’re introducing a brand new product to the market.

Negative Brand Association

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Lastly, it’s important that you know how to avoid negative brand recognition. You might not be aware of this, but there’re lots of ways you can accidently connect your business with a negative concept. We’ve already seen this with Apple. You might think that they are still finding a lot of success on the market. But if they continue to release products without the innovative designs they’re known for, they could soon see a shift in demand. Similarly, Warner Brothers may face an issue when trying to establish DC as a new film brand customers want more of. Many critics have noted the latest film is not family friendly. Essentially, that’s a huge portion of the market potentially already lost.

Negative brand recognition can be created for a whole variety of reasons. From providing an inferior product to using poor production methods. That’s why you need to make sure you are always focused on giving customers what they want.

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