Little Ways That Can Help You Pass Through The Stages Of Grief

Posted on Jan 18 2017 - 7:32pm by Editorial Staff

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Most doctors believe that all people pass through five stages of grief. These are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. It might be comforting to know that you are experiencing the same emotions that everyone feels when they lose someone. But, we’re not sure that just knowing that will help you through it. For instance, you might understand that you’re treating life as though nothing is wrong because you’re in denial. But that doesn’t help you accept that they really are gone. Many people pass through all five stages in a matter of days. But for some, it can be longer. Months later, you might be lying in bed when the depression hits you. Or, you could find the depression lasts for months and acceptance takes years. There’s no way to know. It depends on who you are and how well you can cope with tragedy. If you have lost someone and you’re struggling, there are ways to get through these stages of loss.

Speak To Someone

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You may want to talk to a counselor. A counselor will provide you with emotional support and can help you come to accept the death of your loved one. They may start by asking you about who they were and what they meant to you. They will ask you about the role that they filled in your life and what you remember about them. By talking, you will be able to release all the emotions that you might be locking up inside. You can cry, scream, shout and because it’s a stranger it doesn’t matter. Some people find this idea a lot more attractive compared with opening up to someone that they know.

You may also want to think about writing down your feelings. Again, this can be an excellent mechanism for coping with the type of loss that we are talking about. It helps the mind come to terms with what has happened.

Learn About The Afterlife

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There are many different belief systems based around the idea of the afterlife. Did you know that there are people who believe you can contact the dead in the other realm? You might have heard of ouija boards. Using the Ouija board to connect to the deceased is an old idea that has been around for decades. Don’t believe the nonsense that you have seen in horror movies and TV shows. Ouija boards are not dangerous if they are used under the proper supervision. Whether or not they can actually contact you with someone you lost is a matter of faith. Don’t forget that if there is no mechanism to move the counter across the board, then there will be at least two people holding it. There is the argument that, subconsciously someone takes control of the counter. Thus whether you believe what happens next will be based largely on faith. But make sure you research it before you use this type of device.

Alternatively, you can speak to a psychic. There are plenty of psychics who believe or claim they can talk to the dead.  You’ll probably find that the results of going to see one are quite hit and miss. But, you might find comfort by talking to someone who may or may not have a deeper understanding of the afterlife than the rest of us.

Let Go

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We often find loss hard to cope with because there are things that were unfinished. Perhaps you never told them that you loved them one last time. Or, maybe the last words you said to them weren’t positive at all. Perhaps there was still bad feeling when they passed away. You need to let this go and move forward with your life. Don’t hold on to negative feelings now they have passed from this world. The end, after all, may very will be the end so it makes no sense to think about what you could have done differently. It’s over now, and the sooner you accept that the sooner you will be able to move on.

Live Life For Them

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Perhaps the best way to come to terms with a loss is to think about how they would want you to handle it. They’d want you to be happy we’re sure so why not remember their death by celebrating their life. Do something, that ordinarily you wouldn’t have the courage for like skydiving. Or maybe just asking a girl out who you’ve had a crush on for years. If death tells us anything, it’s that life really is very short. You need to live it while you can and make sure you don’t regret any missed opportunities.

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