The 4 S’s Of Spain – Why You’d Be Crazy Not To Pick Spain As Your Next Vacation Location!

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Spain is a wonderful country to visit for your next vacation for some reasons. The weather is great, the beaches are too. You can spend time in the historical and cultural cities, or experience the culinary delights of their restaurant and tapas bars. With all this on offer you really would be crazy to not pick Spain as your next vacation location. Read on for even more information on this wonderful place.


The climate in Spain is a hot and dry one, especially in the South in places like Granada and Malaga. While this might not suit everyone, most holidaymakers love it because it means they can top up their tans. Orr spends time outside hiking and exploring.

You can expect temperatures to reach to the mid to high 30s in the height of summer in Spain. So make sure that you are well prepared by taking your sunscreen and keep well hydrated. That means passing on the Sangria until the evening and drinking lots and lots of water.

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Although it is helpful to be aware that the temperature in the mountain is rarely ever getting so high! In fact, they even get enough snow to ski in the winter time!


Now, what would a sunny country like Spain be with a lot all of its wonderful beaches? These are super popular with the Spanish and other Europeans for bathing, playing the game and generally chilling out in the day time.

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Many of the top vacation resorts in Spain have been constructed near to the best beaches such as El Cotillo and Cala Comte. Which mean it’s only a short walk from your room to the sand and the waves. Make sure you take some shoes, though, as that sand can get a little too hot to walk on when the sun is beating down!


Do you love the coast, but prefer something a little more active that just laying on a towel?  Then you will be pleased to discover that Spain is an excellent choice for watersports too. Happily, Spain is a country, surrounded on three sides with coast, so there is plenty of sea to experience.

You will find all sorts of exciting activities available along the Spanish coastlines such as windsurfing sailing and scuba diving. Explore the underwater world rich with fish and animals in the water at the Costa Del Sol. Or hire a boat in Almeria, and practice being the captain of your own ship.

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Or if you favor something interesting to do on land then, again a trip to Spain will have you covered. There are so many wonderful sites to see, so it’s best to identify the most popular thing to do in the location that you will be staying in.

For example, in Barcelona, you can see the Gaudi structures, or in Girona, Spain there is the Cathedral and the Lake of Banyoles. You can also head to Seville for the amazing castle complex. Or even to Malaga to view the old Moorish citadels.

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