How To Make The Best Guest Bedroom

Posted on Nov 16 2020 - 5:08pm by Editorial Staff

When you are setting up a guest room, you want to make sure that whoever is staying in that room feels welcome and at home. You don’t want them to feel like they are staying in a guest room, you want them to feel like a member of the family. So, how can you put together the perfect guest room so that your guests feel comfortable and happy in the room when they stay overnight? Here are a few ideas.

Make it feel like any other bedroom in the house

If you have a desk in your room, put a desk and comfortable chair in the guest room. This person might be staying over to spend time with you, but when it’s time to go to bed, they might want to do some work. Making it feel like any other bedroom is the best way to make it feel comfortable for guests staying over. Adding a desk to the guest bedroom will definitely make it feel more comfortable.

Add wall décor

This doesn’t mean that you should fill the room up with family photos, but you should hang up something. If the guest room is empty, it won’t feel lived in. When you have a guest over, you want to make sure that the room feels lived in because that is how they will know they are a part of the family. So, get some art pieces, some nice frames that match the aesthetic of the room, and put up some posters.

Get a nice and comfortable bed

Your guests will need somewhere to sleep, why not make it a comfortable experience? You are just trying to create a happy and comfortable guest bedroom experience, but the best way to give your guests what they want is by giving them a comfortable bed. So when you get ready to buy for the guest room, don’t forget the best California king mattress.

Add a mirror

You want to include a full-length mirror, or just a small mirror so that your guests can check their appearance in the morning when they wake up. Everyone should be able to check how they look before leaving the room in the morning. There is a mirror in the bathroom, but they will feel more comfortable when they have a mirror with them.

Add some flowers and plants

This falls into the decor section of the guest room building. You don’t have to add in live flowers and plants if that is too much work for you to keep up with. Fake flowers and plants will do just the same for you. It just make s the room look more cozy and comfortable. No one is going to feel uneasy if they have a pretty plant or flower to keep them company when they stay the night at your home.

Add in random essentials in a drawer

When you put in a dresser, add products your guest may have forgotten to pack. Feminine products, an extra roll or two of toilet paper, aspirin, sleep aid, all of the things that you might think the guest would want. You can change these out when you have a different guest coming, but it will make them feel more comfortable knowing there is always something there to help them in any situation.

Hang up a curtain

When you have a guest staying in your home, you want to be planning for every situation. This person could be an early bird or a night owl. The best way to plan for either of those situations is by giving them a curtain. It doesn’t have to be a pitch-black curtain that keeps out any and all light. It just needs to have some light-blocking properties so that if your guest chooses to keep things dark, they can easily do so. These are the key things that you should be thinking about when you are planning and putting together a new guest bedroom. These things will always keep any guest comfortable. And they will feel at home whenever they come to visit because the guest room will feel like a bedroom they are used to sleeping in.

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