5 Little Luxuries That Make Life Feel Better Every Day

Posted on Dec 10 2020 - 9:01am by Editorial Staff

Having a little touch of luxury in your life can make a surprising difference to improve a difficult day, uplift your mood, or simply add a welcome touch of pleasure and comfort to boost your daily routine. Enjoying luxury in your life doesn’t require an expensive shopping spree, and a few carefully chosen items can make a genuine impact. Read on for some little luxuries to add to your life.

A delicious tea or coffee

Many of us start our mornings with a cup of coffee or another hot drink, but often it is a rushed, poorly made beverage that is downed in an effort to wake up and get on with the day. Why not add a little touch of extra comfort to your morning routine, with a delicious blend, carefully brewed at home or at work, and savored before you get started with your day’s activities?

Fresh bed linen

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting into a fresh and clean bed, with crisp, soft bed linen to relax in. While it can certainly be enjoyable to have ultra-high thread count linen sheets and silk pillowcases, simply making sure that you regularly wash and change your sheets, as well as take time to make your bed, can be one small luxury that makes a profound impact on your sleep and wellbeing.

A personal fragrance

Fragrance is a subtle but delightful way of adding a little extra pleasure to your day. A well-chosen scent from scentmagic.com can make you feel put together and elegant, even if you haven’t yet had a chance to brush your hair!

Time to enjoy a meal

With increasingly busy lifestyles, many of us opt to have our food on the go, choosing quick snacks or hastily made items that can be eaten quickly and easily. While eating when traveling or working can be a necessity at times, it is also worth setting aside time a few times a week to enjoy a meal at a more relaxed and mindful pace. Not only will this allow you to enjoy your food more but will also encourage more healthy eating behavior.

Taking a device-free day

Another consequence of our busy lifestyles is the omnipresent nature of technology in our lives. It may feel like you are always on one form of screen or another all day, from your phone or laptop, to the TV, smart watch or the many commercial billboards and signs around you. It’s worth taking a day to disconnect deliberately and enjoy a slower, quieter pace of life for a little while, where you can simply relax, read, enjoy a conversation or experience the sights and sounds around you on a walk. While this may not be something you can do everyday, it is worth setting aside one day a week to have some device-free time, and instead, reconnect with the people and environment around you in your daily life.

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