How To Integrate Videos Into Your Communication Strategies

Posted on May 7 2015 - 9:40am by Editorial Staff


Organizations, whether you are a non profit, corporate, multinational or even a small team of people starting off in the garage, communication, within and outside of your organization are the key factor towards the success of your product, service and overall operations.

Integrating video into your core company

Communication is one of the key factors for conveying messages to your employees. Given the globalization we enjoy today, and that companies are becoming more and more multinational, you are bound to have executives in different countries. Don’t let distance stop you; usage of web communication has been increasing exponentially in the past few years. Not only is web broadcasting a hit in, the board room, today, training programs,  executive training programs, corporate communication as well as team meetings are being held via the virtual network and by integrating video production crew into their communication system.

When it comes to within the organization, video integration can be used to pull together the entire team, or unit. In today’s days, where we are on an internet high, communications through live streaming and even video playback are great for the overall growth of the company. Along with communication with team members and executives, video streaming and broadcasting is the perfect tool to communicate things like a product launch, announcement, and press releases as well as bring your employees situated globally for an event.

Using video as a medium to communicate with the customer

While within  the organization, video communication seems like the perfect idea, when it comes to dealing with clients and the world outside your organization, video does play a crucial role as well. While some companies don’t seem to adapt and break free from the traditional channels of marketing for generating funds, interest, or even popularity towards their company, the ones that have, seem to be enjoying their new following very well.

Videos are a great way to drive traffic to your site. Marketing gurus will tell you this, which videos are your best way to reach to your already existing audience as well as reach out to those who have not heard of your services, products or site. Videos are a great way to build awareness as well as build brand popularity.

Videos are a great way to power up your SEO as well as improve engagement on your site. While making your videos, however here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Your platform should be compatible with all browsers and devices. Whether it is a laptop, mobile, tablet, mac or windows, your viewers should be able to view your message and content.
  • Make sure you are delivering a good viewer experience; your viewer should not in any way feel burdened or bored with what you are communicating. The content should be engaging and impactful.
  • The video should be easy to find, well organised and should point out to or direct to relevant. You wouldn’t want to post something brilliant, and ask people to subscribe, or became a member, and have no membership icon visible on your page at all.
  • Make it short and sweet, don’t go on and on about the product, service, the last thing you would want to do it put off your viewer all together.
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