How To Get A Deal On A Private Jet

Posted on May 5 2015 - 7:01am by Alexandra Ashton

We all want to live the high life, or at least a comfortable one. Anyone who has ever been in those cramped seats you normally found in the planes knows that this is far from the idyll. In your dreams you are stretched out on comfortable seats, you have plenty of leg room and the champagne is not far away. And in the reality, your travel experience consists of constant battle for a little more elbow room with your seat neighbours. Wouldn’t you like that to change? Did you know that it is neither that difficult nor expensive as everyone thinks? Private flights these days are not as inaccessible as everyone thinks. Looking at price per head, there’s surprisingly small difference between flying privately or in business class. I think you will all agree that this small difference you will need to pay is worth it when you consider the comfort and convenience offered by private flight.

Best of all, you can choose flying empty leg flights which offer even greater value. If you do not know what an empty leg flight is, you will definitely want to find out. That is a flight where a private plane has been charted one way and needs to return home. This means that you would get a chance to enjoy the high life for the price of business class. Read the excellent advices from this infographic to find out what you have to do in order to get the opportunity to fly on a private jet. Did you know that the more people are travelling, the more sense it makes to charter a private jet? There’s usually a set rental fee for the entire plane, so the costs shrink per head. When you are flying on commercial flights, the opposite is true. Find out more excellent information in this great infographic.


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