How To Create The Leads You Need From Events This Summer

Posted on Jun 2 2015 - 4:51pm by Editorial Staff


With festival season upon us, you may be keen to get the preparations for your summer marketing campaigns under way. If the festivals are part of that campaign, then you need to start hiring some people to help! Meeting your customers in person when you normally sell online can be a daunting task, but most people quickly get into the swing of it. You may even come to enjoy direct sales! Here’s how to make customers come to you, pay attention, and buy your product:

Be in the right place – If you know your customers love a good festival, then get moving. If your customers are playing lawn bowls on the weekend, chances are they’re not roughing it in the mud at a music event. Pick the right event for your target audience. This means you need to collect enough data from your existing customers to know who they are. Once you have found them, you can reach lots of them all at once.

Bring the right product – If you sell a variety of products it will be pretty hard to transport all of them at once for a small stand at a festival. You can usually hire a six-meter by six-meter space for your displays, so you’re unlikely to fit much on there plus your reps. Pick a couple of your best selling cash cow products plus one or two that you can promote as newcomers.

Promotion – Buy a customized, branded inflatable tent for events. This will help attract maximum attention wherever you go. It will also protect you and your products if the weather takes a turn. Make sure your logo, website, and social media tags are on there too. You want any festival photos on FaceBook to bear your logo, so get the design right for maximum exposure. Give them a reason to take selfies at your stand. Make it fun, like a costumed mascot, or set up a product related competition. Also bring a fantastic deal with you. You need to cover the cost of the day so don’t price it too low, but make sure it is a ‘can’t resist’ type offer.

Getting out there is good for business. It puts a face and a personality to your brand, and should make your company more likeable. It also increases your presence on social media through your customers. They will be taking photos or tweeting about their experiences with you. Don’t lose sight of why you are going to all this effort though. You are there to make sales, and you are there to create customer loyalty and interest in your brand and products.

Festivals like music festivals are also a good opportunity to get celebrity endorsement. Make sure you have a gift hamper of your product available for any celebs who may be passing by your stand. Press snaps of your product in their hand can be enormously valuable. Do measure the effectiveness of this kind of marketing carefully. You need to ensure it remains financially viable. Some plots can be very expensive so work out your break-even point before risking it. Most importantly, enjoy the day and get to know your customer base a little better.

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