Got Apps? The Best Gadgets and Gizmos of 2013

Posted on Jul 16 2013 - 11:11am by Tina Hamilton

2013 has seen an influx of new technological gadgets, tools, and apps ranging from tablets to apps to media streaming tools. This technology follows the recent trends of sharing social news and entertainment media alike while following alongside the mobile bandwagon. This is the year that Google Glass got attention, and the year that Apple’s iWatch will be developed into a sustainable product.

Gadget and Gizmo

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps aren’t just for angry birds and coupon downloads. When used in conjunction with an external accessory, mobile apps can be used for a variety of purposes in the home and in the office.

  • The Lockitron door lock enables you to lock and unlock your deadbolt by way of a mobile app. The tool’s cover fits over your deadbolt and connects to your business ethernet wireless connection. With the push of a button, you can control access to your space from across the room or across town.
  • The Hone from BiteMyApple is another example of a mobile app and accessory that can be combined to save you time and money. Attach the Hone dongle to your keychain. If you lose your keys, you can use the connected mobile app to navigate to your lost keys.

Media Streaming

First, the video rental stores turned into DVD rentals. Then they turned into mail-order DVDs and videos dispensed from big red boxes. Now, having a physical copy of the movie or TV show you want to watch has become completely unnecessary with the advent of digital media streaming. You’re bound by neither the TV broadcaster’s schedule nor the daily mail nor store hours.

  • With the Roku 2 device, media streaming is no longer limited to being viewed through your computer on your monitor. The device connects your TV set and internet connection, enabling you to stream content directly from your Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime account to your TV.
  • Have a lot of movies on digital download? You can access your files through a personal network created with the IOGEAR MediaShair Hub. Store your video and music content on the hub and you can stream it from up to 7 different devices on your network, according to the Daily Comet.

If you haven’t completely made the switch to all-digital media streaming, chances are you’re still utilizing your DVD and Blu-Ray players, in addition to operating your home theater system and surround sound devices. How many remotes do you currently have lying around in order to fully operate your system? While many universal remotes fail at fully controlling multiple home theater devices, that isn’t a problem for the Logitech Harmony 650 universal remote control. Why? Because you set it up on your computer through a USB connection, and the LCD screen on the remote helps ensure that you can access all the right commands for your home theater equipment.

Tablets Catch Up

The iPad continues to seem like the supreme ruler of the tablet world, but other devices are quickly catching up. Samsung’s Tablet S, operating Google Android’s Honeycomb OS, is becoming the top contender. The device can play Playstation One and PSP titles and connects over wireless through  Digital Living Network Alliance. However, despite its impressive credentials, the Tablet S remains a thicker, more clunky device than its famous competitor. This may affect how well customers respond to it from an aesthetic standpoint, according to How Stuff Works.

The technological innovations of 2013 range in scope, from mobile apps that control external devices, to new ways of streaming content and accessing tablet features. These innovations are the building blocks of the next generation of consumer electronics.

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