Google To Pay $22.5 Million Over Privacy Charges

Posted on Aug 10 2012 - 4:54am by Editorial Staff

With tiff and tuff going with FTC approval last week that Google to pay fine of $22.5 million over privacy charges, now it is confirmed that the search giant has agreed to pay a fine of $22.5 million in order to settle FTC privacy charges. Back in February, Google along with several other prominent advertising networks being caught over bypassing the Safari and mobile safari security restrictions, while after months of talks, it was reported that Google ready to negotiate with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over the fine.

“The record setting penalty in this matter sends a clear message to all companies under an FTC privacy order,” said FTC chairman Jon Leibowitz of the agreement. “”No matter how big or small, all companies must abide by FTC orders against them and keep their privacy promises to consumers, or they will end up paying many times what it would have cost to comply in the first place.”

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