Google Now Mute Your Microphone If In Case You’re Typing During Google+ Hangout

Posted on Apr 18 2013 - 12:52am by Editorial Staff


Google engineer Time Haloun shared today through his Google+ profile page first by asking that if anyone actually like the sound of typing in a Hangout? click click clack clack click clack clack! Haloun shared that from now onwards Google will mute your microphone if you are typing during a Google+ Hangout.  All the update is small but is worth to note.

Explaining further, Haloun says:

  • If someone keeps typing in a Hangout, their mic will be muted until they stop
  • They’ll see an in-Hangout notification, so they know they’re not interrupting the conversation
  • We’ll do this for larger Hangouts (4+ people).

And hope that the feature makes your Hangouts experience even more enjoyable.

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