Google Chrome Update Brings Faster Browsing, Safer Downloading

Posted on Feb 9 2012 - 9:29am by Editorial Staff

With just the two days passed, Google released Chrome for Android beta version, the search engine giant yesterday announced through its blog post an update for the original desktop version, promising faster browsing and enhanced security.

Chrome keeping the security point-of-view in mind, Chromes now does even allow you to protect you from malicious downloads by keeping a check on executable files like “.exe” and “.msi” extension. If the executable file doesn’t match a whitelist, Chrome checks with Google for more information, such as whether the website you’re accessing hosts a high number of malicious downloads.

The company also indicated its future plans stating, that they are working towards bringing out more updates to chrome OS to further simplify the Chromebook experience, alongside, users will also see an improved Verizon 3G activation portal which includes the ability to set up a recurring purchase of mobile data.

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