4 Ways To Make Your Mac Run Faster

Posted on Nov 19 2014 - 8:06am by Editorial Staff


If you are in possession of a Mac, you are undoubtedly looking at ways to increase its performance. A Mac can be subject to slowing down if it is not cared for properly. With such a high tech and high powered machine comes the need for making sure that it runs efficiently.

Here are four ways that you make your Mac run faster.

Clear Your Desktop

If your desktop is taking an age to load, you need to consider why. The startup screen may seem like it is whirring into action for an age. Keep the number of icons to a minimum. Go through your downloads and delete them. Look at what you use and what you don’t use and get rid of them accordingly. You don’t have to have a plethora of icons on your desktop. Get rid of these too. Make sure that your Mac is not working hard to load. Give it a break and do the hard work for it. Clear your desktop and optimise your Mac’s performance.  If you are using an older style Mac, this will increase its performance. But, it will ensure that it loads in quick time.

Managing Startup Items

Installing applications can lessen the performance of your Mac. If you have a lot of programmes and applications that automatically configure to your start-up settings, you need to ensure that you are minimising these. If these don’t give you any convenience, get rid of them. These applications can slow down the system. So, if you don’t use them, get rid of them. This will make sure that your Mac is running at optimal speed.

The Hard Drive Dilemma

Many of us don’t want to erase our hard drives. This is especially true if you have a lot of music and photos stored within your Mac. But, you need to amok sure that you are using a system like Mackeeper to get rid of data that you don’t need. The overall Mackeeper cost is rather cheap. So, do make sure that you invest wisely and get a system that is great for your hard drive. One of the best ways to clear your hard drive to make your Mac run faster is to clear the hard drive of languages you don’t use. Monolingual can help you with that part of the speeding up process.

Activity and RAM

Take a look at the Apple Activity Monitor. What are you using? Do you need to use all of this memory? You can see your CPU and RAM usage. If you are using this excessively, this may be why your computer is running slowly and is not performing as it used to. Make sure that you are minimising and reducing your overall usage. Ensure that you are fully closing down applications that you are not using. Remember to fully quit any applications that you won’t be using for a while and delete any old programmes. This is a great way of freeing up RAM. This in turn will optimise your Mac.

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