Four Things To Try This Summer

Posted on Mar 15 2018 - 6:58am by Editorial Staff

If you’re bored of the same old holiday routine, then why not do something different this summer? Is it time to get a taste of a new cultural experience? Or maybe try an extreme sport? Summer’s a time to have fun and here are some ideas to make the most of it.

Try a new holiday experience

If your idea of a summer holiday is normally to go the same hotel or villa in the same beach location or city, then maybe it’s time for a change this year. If you have the energy levels, and you and your family are able, then why not think about going on an adventure holiday? You could join an organised group, trekking in the mountains or doing some extreme sports in a jungle. There are so many adventure-type experiences out there, and it’s easier than ever to browse online for one perfect. You never know, you could be high up in the Andes before you can say Summer 2018!

Take up a new sport

The summer months open-up a whole new range of sports for you to try. Getting some fresh air while also doing exercise – what could be better? The warmer months are great for playing tennis, cricket, football, golf; the list goes on. You could also take to the water for some boating activities!

Maybe you already have some skills in sport, or you’re a complete beginner, regardless, you should check out what clubs and lessons are available near you, and give them a try!

Go to a big sports event

Summer’s the perfect time when you can catch lots of live sporting action around the world. There arebig tennis tournaments like Wimbledon in London, or this year is the football World Cup, hosted in Russia. You can’t always get tickets easily for all the events, but have a look and see what is available. Maybe you could build a holiday around a sporting spectacle?

Of course, if you’re not so passionate about the sport that you want to be at an event in person, or just don’t have the cash, then you could also enjoy the action from the comfort of your home on the TV! You can prepare for the football World Cup by researching the key players and the favourite teams on sites such as

Go to a festival

With the arrival of the summer months, there is normally no shortage of great live music events and festivals on offer – both inside and out. Why not check out listings for your local area, or a bit further afield, to see if any singers or bands you love are performing. You might be able to catch some music in the grounds of an amazing historic building, by the coast, or in a park. You could make a big social thing of it, inviting friends and family and having a picnic and a few drinks. Some concerts are also rounded off with fireworks, making it a night to remember! Be sure to get your tickets in advance though, as these events can get booked up fast.

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