Effective Methods To Keep Employees Productive

Posted on Dec 26 2017 - 7:10pm by Editorial Staff

Think of employee productivity as something as vital as breathing. You need to keep it rolling to keep your company alive. Some businesses often resort to implementing one-time tactics that keep their team motivated, but the truth is, productivity should be a year-round priority.

With different distractions and challenges coming in every now and then, employees need to find their focus and drive at all times. No matter the season, here are some effective methods that will help you navigate your employees to be more productive at work.

Set goals and check results.

Setting up a measurement system is important in motivating employees to get more work done in the office. Managers should be able to constantly check in on the team’s goals and progress to set a basis on their productivity.

Should there be employees falling behind due to lack of productivity, team leaders should be able to identify which aspects they are struggling with and help them reach their full potential instead of letting them go—which could cost the company even more.

Give recognition where it’s due.

One way that directly creates an impact on employee productivity is showing recognition. Employees who are being appreciated at work usually show a sense of emotional commitment to their companies, ultimately motivating them to increase their efforts toward work.

Research shows that employee productivity is higher in companies that practice recognition as compared to those that don’t. Recognition also seems to provide more impact when it is done consistently throughout the year, as this shows employees that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Embrace employee happiness.

As business owner, it is important to remember that employees are not just workers but also humans. One reason that employees lose motivation and experience burnout is when a company fails to value a good work-life balance.

Therefore, it is imperative to pay attention to your team’s happiness and to understand that there is more to life than just work. Aside from organizing recreational activities in the office, encourage employees to spend time with their family by taking time off from work every now and then.

It wouldn’t be much of a surprise for them to return to work feeling refreshed and ultimately more productive.

Ensure cultural fit through better hiring.

Making sure that you are hiring the right employees in the first place basically ensures that you get the most out of your workforce.

Rather than just a typical recruitment process, hiring tends to be more like courtship, where you initially figure out how well someone can fit in with your culture and core values.

In some states, companies often require a pre-employment marijuana drug test for potential candidates before handing out a job offer. Not only will a marijuana testing ensure workplace safety, this also spares the business from unnecessary costs brought by a decrease in productivity.

To put it quite simply, all you have to do is to put yourself in your employee’s shoes and figure out from there how you can make your workplace more conducive to productivity. When you put some time and effort to it, it won’t be long until you see favorable results.

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