Fishing For Customers – Mix And Match The Bait

Posted on Dec 28 2017 - 8:31am by Editorial Staff

They’ll come a time when it feels like a dead day, then a dead week and suddenly the whole month has been slow. Before you start jumping to conclusions and doubting your business plan altogether, it’s time to switch the bait. A business can be revitalized without changing anything regarding products and services. Sometimes it is only a flesh wound, and you’re in desperate need of a revamp of your brand. Even the largest and most successful companies refuse to rest on their laurels and will change something about their brand to show customers they’re keeping up with the times. It’s not easy, and it never will be. But that’s the beauty of business; switching the way you’re perceived can alter previously held perceptions. Consumers that were once turned off by your public relation strategies will see you in a totally new light and give your business a go.

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Going back to roots

The old school way of getting your name out there in the wild was done via billboards and posters. Nowadays the billboards have been digitized, and slideshow advertisements as pop-ups or in sidebars of websites can host your business. But going back to roots never ever hurts. In fact, you may find it to be more cost effective. Creating a poster and or small leaflet that can be handed out via the partnering with a flyer company is a very viable route. It’s a bang for buck solution if your business has slightly dropped off the radar, especially if you’re a small business with most of your customers being locals or living in the region. Billboards on busy highways are great platforms and in fact could get your business seen by hundreds of thousands of people going to and from work every day. Remember that positioning is key for example, traffic jam-laden highways are better and try not to pick a billboard obscured by trees, lamp posts and or houses etc.

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It’s all just a theory

Marketing is really an artform because no one can ever become a master but everyone is a student. It’s always evolving and morphing into yet more complex strategies and formless tactical approaches. Learning how to develop your brand is well within your grasp if you consider a masters marketing course. Done completely online and tailored to how you want to learn, you’ll delve into the theory of what marketing is in the first place. It’s more than just bright lights and vibrant colors, or a snappy slogan. Psychology plays a huge role in how we all consume media in general. Advertising is a holistic craft, one that takes into account your marketability, business ethos, quality of product and or service and the impact or use of your business in someone’s life. Every marketing ploy is just a theory being tested, and with knowledge of how to manipulate an audience deciding what they do and don’t see, a business can pinch and zoom on exactly what it wants to be known as in the minds of consumers.

It’s a tough old world out there. So many businesses young, old, large and small are gnashing at the opportunity to be heard the loudest in their respective industries. But sometimes it’s not the customers, and it’s you. Mix and match the bait, go back to the old when the new stops working, switch the bait to entice another kind of customer.

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