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Dubai is a haven for people who love shopping. Apart from this, Dubai is loved for its experimental structures that inspire tourists to visit them again and again.

So, if you are even planning to visit Dubai, here are some travel tips that should be kept in mind.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival has always been famous in the country, and even locals do not miss it. This is because of the Beach Canteen, beautiful street art, mystery dining tours, pop-up food trucks and interesting events.


Once you land in Dubai, make sure that you travel by Metro. It is special because it is the world’s longest driverless railway. However, it runs for limited hours. So, know more about it and fit it in your schedule. It runs from the airport and leaves you in the city. The red line stops near a number of hotels, while the green line circles the Creek.

So, you can choose your route and proceed accordingly.


Well, there are too many beautiful malls that will motivate you to shop and shop for hours and hours. You will find almost every top brand in these malls. However, if you are planning to shop for these brands in the store, you might regret your decision later on because the prices offered are not reasonable.

As against, you can shop for branded products online at popular stores like and be sure that you get the same at a discount. Apart from discount offers, you can get additional discount offers by using coupons for Coupons are available at various coupon sites.

So, if you are planning to shop for long hours while traveling to Dubai, you might be wasting your precious time.

However, if you wish to shop, shop for exclusive items that are exclusively available in Dubai.

After all, you want to bring back a souvenir from Dubai, isn’t it?

Must-visit places

Well, if you are planning to go on a trip to Dubai, you need to visit some of the best spots in the world.

To make your task simple, we have listed some of the places below.

  • BurjKhalifa
  • Shores of the Arabian Gulf
  • Downtown Dubai
  • Dubai Creek
  • Dubai Skyline
  • XVA Art Hotel
  • Man-made islands of The World and The Palm
  • Four Seasons at Jumeirah Beach

Apart from this, you can visit and know more about some of the best must-visit places in Dubai.


BurjKhalifa is definitely a must visit because it is the world’s tallest building and tourists touring Dubai should not miss an opportunity to click a picture with it.

You can even take the lift to the top of the building, but one may feel that you should not spend an hour or two to stand in the queue and pay a fee of AED200 to reach the top of the building. Instead of this, you can spend an hour at the waters of Dubai Creek. It is definitely worth spending time at the Creek and is cheaper too, as compared to BurjKhalifa.

However, if you are ready to spend some time waiting in the queue, go for it and enjoy the view.


Traveling to Dubai, you should know that the climate there is hot and humid. So, you should pack cool, comfortable clothes for the trip. Also, note that you should know more about their culture so that you do not wear casually wear something that can offend them. Respecting the local customs and culture is desirable, and you should not move around in short skirts or revealing tops. Even if you are staying at a beach resort, you should avoid swimsuits and bikinis.

For men, moving around bare-chested or in shorts should be avoided.

They prefer tourists covering their shoulders all the time.

So, know more about their culture and buy appropriate clothes for the trip.

If you need a new dress, you can buy it online at

Remember, coupons are available. So, make the most of them and get amazing discount offers on your purchases.


Dubai is a paradise for food lovers, and you will find food from every part of the world. With over 5,000 restaurants, you need to make a choice that suits your taste.

If healthy, hygienic food is on your mind, you should look for apps that can guide you with some of the best restaurants that cater to your need and also offers healthy, hygienic food in their restaurant.


Before planning your trip, make sure that the foreign exchange rate is not an issue. Comparing US dollar with Dhirams, you must get approximately DH 3-4 per dollar. However, while planning your budget, you should look for the current exchange rate and plan accordingly.

Personal Safety

Choosing Dubai as a holiday destination, you can be sure about moving around in a safe environment because the international travel industry has designated the UAE as the world’s safest holiday destination. The UAE has been designated the safest on two occasions.

However, you can opt for travel insurance to be extra safe.


If you love clicking pictures everywhere and posting your selfies online, you should know that clicking your pictures is not a crime. However, you should avoid clicking pictures of Muslim women in public. Apart from this, you should avoid clicking pictures of telecommunications equipment, government buildings, airports, military, docks and industrial installations.

So, before clicking a picture, ask for permission and avoid any possible troubles.


Hot and humid all the time, Dubai is definitely not a place where you would love to move around all the time under the sun.

With hotel bookings, check whether they are providing you with an air-conditioned room or not. If not, look for a hotel that provides you with an air-conditioned room.

Have you been to Dubai? If yes, we appreciate your inputs. Share your thoughts in the comments section below for our readers and let them have a safe and happy trip to Dubai.

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