Testosterone Basics

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Testosterone is the principal make sex hormone and is responsible for a number of processes in the body. It’s known as an anabolic androgenic steroid hormone or AAS. Interestingly enough, anabolic and androgenic refer to two different processes in the body. Androgenic processes refer to the more masculine traits that testosterone facilitates. This includes the deepening of the voice, the growth of facial hair and other body hair, the increased libido or sex drive, and the development of the sexual organs. Basically, all of the things that develop when a male goes through puberty are androgenic processes. Anabolic processes refer to the tissue growth in the body, especially muscle building. This is where “Anabolic Steroids” get their name.

According to buysteroidsonline.com the main role of testosterone on a cellular level is to tell cells what to do. It’s like the general manager of the workplace that is the human body. It can tell cells to repair and heal, to grow muscle tissue, to grow hair, etc. The body is filled with automated processes. The processes themselves would still happen if testosterone was non-existent, but the body would literally be out of control. It wouldn’t have a sense of how much is too much and would be over compensating in some places and under providing in others. It would likely resemble a malfunctioning robot. Testosterone is required to regulate cell behavior.

Medical Use of Testosterone VS Non Medical Use Of Testosterone

Testosterone is used to treat literally an infinite amount of conditions in both men and women. It’s an effective part of a number of treatment plans including those for female breast cancer, anemia, burn victims, low sexual libido, male infertility, muscular atrophy, HIV/AIDS, chronic dysfunctional uterine bleeding, hereditary angioedema, endometriosis, female libido problems, hypogonadism, and many more. The number of lives that anabolic steroids have saved is easily in the millions by now, and will continue to grow.

The intended use for Testosterone and its primary medical related use is for Testosterone Replacement Therapy, also known as Hormone Replacement Therapy for individuals who produce less than the normal amount of testosterone. There are a number of different reasons for which the testosterone could be low, all of which are referred to as hypogonadism. This is the condition in which the testes do not create ample amounts of testosterone. As a man gets older, the amount of testosterone being produced can also be drastically diminished. If a man has low testosterone due to his age, this is called andropause. The treatment for both of these conditions is to administer testosterone so that the levels can be replenished.

The symptoms of low testosterone are very easy to diagnose. They include low libido, loss in energy, weakness, lethargy, memory loss, depression, and significant muscle loss.

Testosterone is also used for non-medicinal reasons – for its anabolic properties. Amazingly, this is the most common use for testosterone. Despite it being strictly illegal, most people take steroids in order to maximize their muscle mass to a beyond natural level. The body has a capacity for muscle mass. When it is reached, there is no more growth possible without taking testosterone or an antibolic steroid. This is why body builders and those who wish to enhance their physique to new levels go for testosterone / anabolic steroids. By increasing the amount of testosterone in the body, it will tell the muscles to grow more tissue, despite being at their capacity. It’s almost like hacking into the body’s system and changing some of the features.

A common misconception is that people take steroids as a means to get larger quicker. They want to reap all of the benefits without any of the work. This is actually very false on two major levels. 1—Taking testosterone won’t make your muscles grow by themselves. In order for it to be effective, there has to be an exercise and diet routine that corresponds with the dosage. If someone were to take steroids without working out or eating well, then the process wouldn’t produce the desired results 2—Antibolic steroids help to surpass the genetic limits of muscle mass. With the right diet and exercise, you could reach peak muscle performance without the testosterone addition. People who take the antibolic steroids want to exceed the maximum. Usually, they’ve reached their full potential and wish to go further. It’s not about taking a shortcut or trying to reap the benefits without doing the work. It’s about upping the ante a bit and literally enhancing their performance.

There are a number of other non-medical treatments that people use testosterone for, and one of them is for the libido enhancement. People who are experiencing lower libido will take testosterone or a testosterone supplement in order to increase their sex drive. Even though medically, testosterone is one of the most effective chemicals available as it can help hundreds of conditions, it is most commonly used for non-medical purposes, and chances are, that fact isn’t changing any time soon.

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