Dubai Hacks – A Frugal Budget Trip To Dubai

Posted on May 4 2020 - 7:13am by Editorial Staff

Dubai is one of the most exciting, most fascinating and entertaining cities on the planet. Not only could you spend weeks here living the high life, experiencing all the amazing things to see and do. But you could also spend far too much money!

The city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is definitely becoming a more glamorous and up and coming city in the world. But if you’re looking to save money on your holiday in Dubai, you need to take a good look at your budget. In order to help you make the most of your holiday, here are a few tips and travel hacks to have a frugal budget trip to Dubai!

Save Money On Tickets

One of the most common ways to keep your budget low for holidays is to plan ahead of time to save money on flights and train tickets. Especially if Dubai isn’t you’re only stop! If you book from New York to Dubai, then Dubai to Mumbai, then Mumbai to New York, you’ll actually save more by booking it as one big trip!

Not only that, but you can also try to book far enough in advance that your tickets will be remarkably low. However, there are certain guidelines you will need to follow to get cheaper tickets.

  • Use more than one flight search engine
  • Play with travel days to see which dates would be the cheapest. (I.E. you don’t have to book on a Friday if it is cheaper to leave Tuesday)
  • Book with Points
  • Look at different airlines for sale fares
  • Connections are typically cheaper, so keep in mind you may make a few stops to save cash!

Booking your Flights to Dubai don’t have to break the bank! You can save money on tickets by following these general tips, as well as other methods to get where you want to go for less.

Book Everything Together

Not only can you save money on flights, but you can also save money on the entire holiday when you book everything together. This can mean booking your flights, rental cars, and hotels all on the same website for a discount. As well as booking major events and activities together!

Meaning you may get a discount if you book a day at the Wild Wadi Waterpark alongside tickets to Ski Dubai! So you can not only get all the fun in you can, but you can also save a few bucks. Check with local agencies, as well as with online booking websites. You never know what is available!

Not only can you book events and activities together, but if you are traveling in a group, you can also save a bit of cash by booking with a group rate. This budget friendly travel hack is great for large families, as well as groups of friends who are traveling together to Dubai. Look into group rates for your hotels as well as activities!

Every Day Hacks

One thing to keep in mind before darting out on your Dubai adventure is to find the deals where you can! One way to make certain you will be spending less on nearly everything you do is to book your trip during the “Off-Season”. The UAE experiences it’s off-season during the summer months.

All in all, it’s a lot warmer during the hot months of the summer. However, if you book right at the end of the summer months, or even on the cusp of autumn, you will save a bundle!

Not only should you find deals when it comes to the time of year you travel, but also on exciting new adventures. If you’re trying to ride around in a driverless air taxi, or take a tour of a mosque, it will definitely benefit you to ask about discounts, deals, and overall money saving perks. Sometimes you can save a lot of money just by asking if there are discounts available!

You can also get deals of your own by following these general budget hacks in Dubai

  • The Old Quarter, as well as historical sites will be cheaper.
  • Visit street vendors, as well as cheap eats in Dubai for your meals!
  • Take public transportation whenever you can.
  • Take in the sun on a public beach.
  • Explore free entry in parks, as well as public spaces!
  • Free events and concerts!

Not only would these tips work on your trip to Dubai, but they will work on all your future holidays!

Traveling to Dubai with These Frugal Budget Trip Tips!

Not only can you save money on little things like where you choose to eat, but you can also save a lot of money by booking a cheap flight! Whether you get a group rate on a hotel, or you try to get a discount on a museum, there are tons of ways to make your trip to Dubai budget friendly. Explore this majestic city, and in the meantime, take it easy on your wallet!

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