Dataminr Analyzes Over 340 Million Tweets A Day To Track And Predict Global Activities

Posted on Apr 10 2012 - 5:04am by Editorial Staff

Dataminr is a social media analytics company that draws trends from social networks for various business clients, and today it unveiled (via GigaOm) its partnership with micro-blogging giant Twitter that grants it access to over 340 million tweets a day. Dataminr has developed a new category of Twitter based signals, providing clients with one of the earliest warning systems for breaking news and emerging events. Clients receive signals in real-time, often in advance of mainstream news, alerting them to industry-relevant information and noteworthy events.

“Twitter has fostered an entirely new form of real-time digital expression, which has created a truly global sensor network,” said Ted Bailey, founder and CEO of Dataminr. “On any given day, Dataminr alerts its clients to numerous relevant events that are either pre-news or off the mainstream radar. In recent days, our system surfaced emerging events including a natural disaster in Texas, government sanctions against a major international telecom, and an assassination attempt on Arab heads of state.”

Dataminr also identifies a number of distinct “micro trends” which can provide clients with unique insights and help them predict what the world may soon be focused on. Dataminr’s real-time analytics engine processes public Tweets in the aggregate, detecting linguistic and propagation patterns across the over 340 million messages shared on Twitter daily.

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