Credit Unions’ Secret Weapon: Board Portal Software

Posted on Jun 13 2019 - 4:25pm by Editorial Staff

The newspapers are filled with stories of prominent political parties and multinational corporations getting hacked. So many aspects of business depend on being connected, but the need to keep communications secure has never been more apparent.

This need is especially true for major institutions in the financial sector, such as credit unions. Credit unions have become popular among consumers who want their financial institutions to offer local decision-making and community investment. Credit unions tend to be local organizations by nature, but they’re gaining market share as they fill up the void left by mid-size community banks, which lately have been consolidated by larger banks or financial institutions.

As a result, credit unions have a need to realign their strategies and values to match their new mandate. Quarterly meetings may not be enough to manage all their organization’s affairs, so more regular contact may be needed. This can be difficult when members are spread out across a wide geographic area. This is where credit unions’ secret weapon comes into play: board portal software.

Robust Security

Board portal software is all highly encrypted. The most professional portal services store their information on servers that adhere to independent third-party security certifications. Logging in is always simple and fast, but every log-in is authenticated, so it’s easy to know that everyone who accessed the system was meant to have access.

If a director’s device gets lost or stolen, the board portal app’s data can be wiped remotely, preventing a potential breach from ever occurring. Security is pivotal but also complex, so visit to learn about all the other ways board portal software keeps your sensitive information absolutely confidential.

Streamlined Communications

Board meetings are most efficient when directors are sufficiently connected before, during, and after meetings. This is where board portal software excels.

Directors can remotely read, share, and annotate all board materials, including agendas, minutes from past meetings, and material for upcoming meetings. Whether board directors are in the same room or in different countries entirely, they’ll still be able to fully collaborate.

Board portal software keeps all communication in one centralized place — searching through long email chains and deciding whether to communicate via text or email will be a thing of the past.

Admins can also aggregate and upload board packages, swap in new documents or edit existing documents, and alert board directors of any new changes by simply pressing a button. Full control over access permissions ensures that it’s easy to guarantee that only the people meant to see certain material are able to do so.

Responsive, Friendly Support

While the best board portal services are intuitive enough to use right away without instructions, people may eventually need support. The best services offer personalized support 24/7, every day of the year. You should reach an actual person on the other end, who knows your name and is familiar with your business.

The best board portal services also handle all configurations and data migrations for you, and offer free practical training for all admins and directors, should they need it. Credit unions have been early adopters of board portal software, but this is software that can benefit any organization looking for tools to run more efficient board meetings and keep all their communications secure.

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