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Posted on Nov 21 2019 - 11:15am by Editorial Staff

Modern businesses need modern solutions to age old problems, like how to manage staff. There are tried and true ways to lead a team that don’t involve the use of technology, and of course those can be incorporated too.

But in today’s restaurant industry, modern technology like employee scheduling software has become the backbone of many operations. Read on to get a sense of how employee scheduling software has changed employee management in contemporary restaurants.

Better Schedules, Faster

It’s important for restaurant managers to keep their staff focused and motivated on their primary job, and this is difficult when they need to waste time on mundane secondary tasks like creating a work schedule. This is especially true because creating a restaurant schedule involves juggling the needs of so many people.

Having a mobile scheduling app for restaurants lets you streamline this process by using automation where possible to reduce the time it takes to create a schedule by up to 80%. This leads directly to a savings of 1-3% in labor costs, historically one of the biggest drains on a restaurant’s finances.

Not only are schedules created in less time, the schedules are also better. That’s because the automated schedule creation takes into account the needs of each staff members, which has been manually inputted into the software by the employees themselves.

Seamless Communication

Staff used to need to wait until they were at the restaurant to tell their manager face to face when they were available to work, or they’d have to scrawl it into a busy calendar in the staff room. That’s all a thing of the past!

Now, they can relay this information to their manager remotely through the app. It only takes seconds to send availability or request time off right from their mobile phone. Managers can respond to the request from their phone, and a process that used to take days can be concluded in minutes. 

Assign Shift Trades

Employee scheduling software makes it easy for restaurants to plan their scheduling well in advance, but sometimes changes need to be made on the fly and this software facilitates this, too. Employee scheduling software lets staff bid on shifts — they’ll be able to see open shifts in the shift pool, and pick up the ones that best suit them.

Managers can decide who they’d like to assign a shift to, and that staff member will get a notification of the change. Even when the restaurant needs to make adjustments on the go, the software keeps everything organized and simple.

Powerful Data

The cloud-based, manager-facing dashboards present all the vital statistics needed to make informed business decisions. Labor costs, total sales, and even things like the weather are included for daily reports in a way that’s easy to compare against data from other days.

Plus, the software also includes direct feedback from staff about how they think the shift went — the combination of hard data and anecdotes from frontline workers gives a full and true picture of the entire restaurant’s operations. Millennial restaurant owners across North America gravitated to this new tech first, which isn’t surprising since they tend to be earlier adopters of technology. But the secret is out, and now restaurant owners of all ages have adopted this tech because of the way it has transformed employee management — this software truly is a great modern solution to for age-old business problems.

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