China Labor Watch Accuses Samsung Over Allegedly Employing Children Under 16

Posted on Aug 8 2012 - 7:20am by Editorial Staff

According to a China Labor Watch report (PDF), HEG Electronics, factories where Samsung products assembled are accused with labor rights, a Chinese labor watchdog charged. HEG Electronics allegedly employs children under the age of 16 and forces its factory employees to work unreasonably long hours. “The company has clearly violated Chinese labor laws,” the watchdog, China Labor Watch, told Bloomberg in an article today. “A serious light needs to be shined on these issues.” All 2,000 employees are allegedly to work between 11 and 13 hours every day.

“Samsung Electronics has conducted two separate on-site inspections on HEG’s working conditions this year but found no irregularities on those occasions,” Samsung spokesman Nam Ki Yung told Bloomberg. “Given the report, we will conduct another field survey at the earliest possible time to ensure our previous inspections have been based on full information and to take appropriate measures to correct any problems that may surface.”

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