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Posted on Feb 20 2017 - 6:20pm by Editorial Staff

The most fortunate thing about blog promotion is that most of the tools necessary for such are free. Different experts have device numerous blog marketing strategies that can project your blog from nothing to the top. The following are the best possible blog promotion tips and ideas that can benefit you right away;

#1 Post frequently

Posting more credible contents on your blog can boost your traffic sharply, and the reason being that each new post you make will serve as a new entry point for search engines to locate your blog easily. Secondly, writing blog posts with search engine optimization in mind will also boost the potential for each post to drive traffic to your blog.

#2 Include your blog link in your email signature

One other free and fast way to drive traffic to your blog is to include your blog link to your email signature and other business contents such as business cards. As a matter of fact, you must try as much as possible to include your blog uurl (especially your home page), in whatever you can. You shouldn’t be shy to use everything you have in promoting your blog.

#3 Hold a periodic blog contest

If you want to catch the attention of both old and new web visitor, do not hesitate to hold a blog contest. Don’t get carried away when organizing blog contests, the main issue is how you can get the word out there to the people. Make sure you promote such contests by announcing them in forums as well as blogs owned by others.  You read more about taking this step of blog promotion at

#4 Register for a job carnival

Blog carnivals are just like any other social carnivals and they don’t frequently happen. This is one free and easy way of giving your blog url to hundreds of people at the same time. You need to ensure that the theme of the carnival is closely related to your blog and visitors must be able to find meaningful and helpful information when they visit your blog.

#5 Have multiple blogs

Many bloggers don’t realize that having multiple blogs or websites and linking them together can actually help in facilitating even more traffic. The more blogs you operate the more inter-links you can generate and the more traffic you can drive. Inter-linking can help promote your bog through many channels and it will also make it easier for you to create an integrated marketing plan that will ensure that all your blog promotion and marketing plans are aligned for you to achieve maximum effect.

#6 Add as many people and join as many groups as you can, on social media networks

There are endless opportunities for blog promotion on social media, especially when you are not shy to increase your network.  Aside from social media networks such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you should also consider social bookmarking websites such as Stumble Upon and Digg, and make sure you post great contents with your links in them. Don’t just join social media groups and stay redundant, you must share contents that will benefit people and make them return for more juicy stories. You may want to explore all the options highlighted above one after the other to ensure that you make use of the most effective tools to promote your blog.

Getting your blog to the top of search engines such as Google should be your main priority and you must not leave any blog promotion channel unused if you really want to occupy the first page. If you want to know more about blog promotion, you can simply visit this link;

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