Bedroom Remodeling Project: Cool Gadgets for Kid’s Room

Posted on Nov 7 2013 - 11:11am by Ashley Connor

Kids Room

Many houses are now employed with different types of high technology gadgets. From the living room to the kitchen area, there are technologically advanced devices being installed. These gadgets are considered as helpful additions in several parts of the house. Some are meant for entertainment while others are designed for security purpose.

Remodeling does not really imply major renovation wherein homeowners must allot a certain amount of money. If you want to add a unique ambiance inside your kid’s bedroom, there are cool gadgets you can find that can make a big difference. These high-tech yet kid friendly gadgets are easy to install; hence installing them will not consume much of your time.

Tetris Stackable LED Lamp

Is your kid scared to sleep in the dark? Well, there is no need to keep the lights on while your child is fast asleep. Add a table lamp in your kid’s bedroom to illuminate the room until the morning. However, the regular kind of table lamp is already boring. Why not bring fun to the bedroom while illuminating the place?

Cool table lamps are already available in the market these days. For instance, the Tetris stackable LED lamp can give off colorful lights inside the room. Kids will surely look forward to turning it on. Just like the Tetris video game, the pieces must be stacked together (in any combination) then the light will flick on. It will turn off if disassembled.

Star Theater Pro

Create your own planetarium in your kid’s bedroom by simply installing a high-tech gadget. The Star Theater Pro is a clever option to bring about 10,000 stars inside the sleeping room of your little ones. Instead of stargazing outside your home, your kids can watch those twinkling stars with great comfort.

The night sky view from this cool gadget can help your kids sleep easily and soundly. The gadget can be set to rotate slowly giving off a realistic effect. Aside from the stars, it can also show the sun, moon and the Earth. This device is not only entertaining but educational as well.

Water Dancing/Dancing Robot Speakers

If your kids love to listen to music or watch movies, a cool speaker system might be a perfect addition to the room. But, it does not mean you will install any kind of speaker. There are cool speakers that will not only produce crisp sound but entertaining to watch too.

For your boys, you may opt for a dancing robot speaker. Yes, the speaker will dance when in use. Kids will surely enjoy listening to music while watching the robot groove. Meanwhile, the water dancing speaker can produce a peaceful ambiance inside the kid’s room. The water inside the tube will move along with the sound which appears to be dancing.

As technology continues to evolve, you will never run out of cool gadgets to choose for your home specifically for your little ones’ sanctuary. At the present, there are plenty of amazing gadgets you can think of aside from the ones mentioned above. When it comes to making your kid’s bedroom more comfortable, the options are limitless.

Photo Credit: Flickr/amy gizienski

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