Anti-SOPA Petition Numbers: How Many Have Joined The Protest?

Posted on Jan 19 2012 - 5:44am by Editorial Staff

In wake of SOPA and PIPA protest, we have seen a lot of ups and downs from the last many days, protest comments all around.  On January 18 – the day we termed it as “Internet Blackout Day”, through the different websites mediums, we have come across the real shape of the protest we are into in it.

According to different websites medium, the petition numbers are as follows:

71,502 people have liked the Against the Stop Online Piracy Act page on Facebook.

Google is reporting more than 3 million Americans have signed various petitions opposing SOPA.

51,689 signed a petition on the White House’s website We the People, asking the Obama administration to veto SOPA.

1.5+ million People worldwide signed a “Save the Internet” petition on the activist website is reporting that 79,460 people have changed their Twitter, Google+ or Facebook profile picture to feature an anti-SOPA message.

Fight for the Future, a nonprofit, is reporting that 75,000 sites have signed up to participate in the protest, and that between its two sites and, 350,000 people have sent emails sent to their two senators and their representatives.

I2Mag will keep updating you on the numbers as we learn further more.

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