6 Different Types Of Locksmiths & Services That They Provide

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A locksmith doesn’t just repair broken locks or replace them. There is a lot more to the job of a locksmith than that. With the development in technology, locks and security systems have evolved greatly. A locksmith has to advance with the technology, and also upgrade all tools based on the kind of security system that they are dealing with. Based on this, one locksmith might be good at duplicating locks, and the other might excel at handling tricky security systems. You have to distinguish between them according to the kind of lock or security you have. Following are the types of locksmiths and the services that they provide.

The Emergency Locksmith

This is the locksmith who will be available whenever you call upon them. They will be at your doorstep as soon as it is possible for them to be, and will provide you the service that you require immediately. This locksmith has all the emergency tools at their expense. Be it a burglary, a broken lock, a jammed door or whatever else, this locksmith is always ready with the kind of service you need, and the right tools to help them do their job.

The Forensic Locksmith

This locksmith is most essential at a crime scene. A forensic locksmith has tools that can help them figure out how the lock at a crime scene has been hacked or broken into. They are also equipped to gather evidence that is available while dealing with a lock. The tools used for this purpose are especially made for forensic locksmiths, and are only used by them when necessary. They have the best ways to figure out how a security system was breached by the criminal.

The Residential Locksmith

The residential locksmith usually handles home security systems. This type of a locksmith is most commonly found in every area. If you forget your keys or lose them, if your door is jammed, if the advanced security system has some problem; the residential locksmith knows how to handle it all. This locksmith will provide you with solutions for the most common problems you face in everyday life when it comes to locks and keys. They will replace your lost keys and/ or give you a new set once they’ve replaced the lock, among other such services.

The Commercial Locksmith

This is the locksmith who is concerned with schools, offices, commercial buildings etc. These places have advanced locks with security systems that require access from a selected amount of people, like employees in an office with their authorized key-cards. Offices generally these days use the biometric system, which, if a problem occurs, is handled by a commercial locksmith. These locksmiths even have official websites that give information about the services that they offer, and what your needs are.

The Auto Locksmith

If you have an old worn out car in your garage, you may get up one day and say – Wizzle, sell my car!. But the problem here, sometimes we loose the car keys. Losing car keys or forgetting them in the car is a common occurrence, even with remote controlled cars there are problems that are difficult to handle by a car owner. You can use an auto locksmith service in Vegas who knows how to take care of such situations. Your car keys can be replaced or duplicated, or the remote control system can be updated or repaired. This locksmith can even create a new key for you in case your key is broken or lost, or stuck in the ignition. They might be provided from the car company, or even a separate organization of auto locksmith.

The Institutional Locksmith

Similar to commercial locksmiths, institutional locksmiths are usually hired in places like hospitals, colleges, schools, universities etc. These locksmiths are official employees of the mentioned places, and they take care of the security system on a daily basis. Checking the security system, updating it, giving access to authorized people in the institution, managing situations like lost key-cards or breached security systems etc. are handled by the institutional locksmith.

Various types of locksmiths provide various types of services, so now that you know which locksmith provides what service; your work should be easier when it comes to hiring one.

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