6 B2C Email Marketing Tactics Every Business Should Follow

Posted on Nov 28 2018 - 11:43am by Editorial Staff

When it comes to B2C marketing, businesses should know effective methods for reaching potential customers. In order to reach customers, your emails need to be eye-catching, clever, and relevant. People receive dozens of emails daily, so they require extra incentives to open and read the emails. Providing all of this in an email can be a challenge. However, using these marketing techniques can provide better results.

Make Subscribing and Unsubscribing Easy

This seems like a counterintuitive task for businesses who want to use B2C marketing. However, people may want to opt in and out of subscribing. First, make it easy to subscribe by providing a handy box on the company website. Also, every email should have a simple unsubscribe option. This allows clients to choose their email preferences and you won’t annoy them in the process. Consider providing different email options such as frequency of emails that may help you retain subscribers.

Another crucial reason why you have to make it as easy as possible for your readers to subscribe and unsubscribe is compliance. If you’re dealing with US or Canadian customers, you are required to follow the provisions laid out in the US CAN-SPAM act and the Canadian anti-spam legislation. And if you are dealing with residents from the EU, you also have to abide with the GDPR, which is even more severe then these other pieces of legislation. So, make sure that you always remain within the confines of the law and know what is required of you to do so.

Personalize Every Message

Your consumers want to know that each email is designed specifically for them. This is why personalizing each email is worth the extra effort. It’s easy to avoid what looks like a mass marketing email, so improve engagement with personalization. A simple way to do this is to insert the consumer’s name or their account number into the email.

However, many companies are doing this, so you may want to also segment your consumers. Customize the email content to appeal to different groups of customers. Segmenting the market into age, gender, location, or other relevant segments can be a good idea for personalizing email marketing.

Time Emails Strategically

The timing of emails is almost as important as the content itself. For those familiar with B2B emails, they probably know that they have higher engagement during business hours. However, B2C emails can be more complicated.

The optimal time for emails is going to vary on your audience. It may be difficult to determine the optimal send time without testing these times. You may even want to test different segments and develop a custom timing strategy for each. Consider sending emails during off-peak times such as late at night. Often this will benefit you as people may receive fewer emails during this time and off-work hours will help you reach a larger audience.

Embrace Familiarity

With emails to consumers, you don’t need to be formal in your approach. In fact, a more casual and light-hearted approach may be beneficial. For example, many people are not going to open and read your email if it’s full of formal language.

Instead, embrace clever and witty language. Emojis and graphics are a good way to attract consumer attention. Think about email marketing as a way to show your company personality. Craft the type of emails that will appeal specifically to your customers. Consider different emails for different audiences as millennials may appeal to different emails than older adults. This outcome can help with growth as well as satisfaction.

Use Promotions

The sale cycles for B2C sales tend to be fairly short. Consumers are going to make more snap purchases when they see that there is a sale. This means that promotional offers are more appealing to this audience, so use this to your advantage. Having a call to action along with discounts, coupons, or other promotions will increase conversion rates.

These emails can be used to prompt an initial purchase or to upsell consumers who have already made a purchase, but it’s an easy way to be effective in email marketing. Limited time offers and providing benefits such as free shipping can be very effective.

Make Messages Mobile-Friendly

More than ever before, people are using their mobile phones to check and read email. If your email campaign doesn’t display well on a mobile device, then you shouldn’t even be sending it. Always test each email on a variety of devices to ensure that it shows up well on each one. Restructure any emails as needed before sending them.

Although all of these tips provide benefits, the bottom line is that they are designed to meet the needs of the customer. If you send emails that are too salesy or impersonal, you won’t attract individual consumers well. Use these six essential tips to engage with consumers as much as possible.

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