50 Insane Facts About Plants

Posted on Jun 23 2014 - 9:04am by Alexandra Ashton


You should understand that the nature around you is stranger than fiction. There are plants that can help rejuvenate your innards, and there are those that will poison you the way plants in Game of Thrones would be, those used for poison to kill King Geoffrey. There are also plants that will astound you with its beauty, its cosmos divinity, and enormous of utility. Truth be told that the crazy world you’re in contains the most crazy and unexpected nature of plants that not only will make you double think of the reason why they’re there, but could make you want to believe in the absurdity of existence.

This infographic is not a guide on existentialism, but it might as well be since because what is here is a glorious listing of the abilty of plants to cure, to inspire and even destroy civilizations. We are in a state of global warming crisis not for nothing, and not for not interfering with the nature of plants. So you might as well learn the nature of the plants around you to make sure you know their role in making you survive.

This infographic can get you to understand that the plants that you see around you are not as calm and serene as you might think. Each plant is rare and phenomenal, and each plant can help mitigate the climate change problem we are facing every single hot heat-stroke-prone day. The plants that surround you could be your cure and so you must learn what it can do from this infographic.

You can be sure that the world around you is replete with insanity, and the plants that nourish us with the oxygen our body requires is no less insane. Here is an infographic that might shock you on the insane nature of plants.


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