5 Techniques To Apply To Improve Your Health

Posted on Nov 20 2018 - 9:29am by Editorial Staff

Most people have the best intentions when it comes to both their health and happiness. Unfortunately, all those small, negative decisions you make can lead to a big health problem that can impact your quality of life.

Thankfully, a few small steps might be all you need to take to regain control of your wellbeing. To turn your life around, here are five techniques to apply to improve your health.

Don’t Suffer in Silence

Many people are living with different illnesses and diseases across the world. While some people might be struggling with heart disease and diabetes, others might be living with depression and/or addiction. No-one chooses an affliction, and there is no reason to suffer in silence.

Regardless of whether you are living with a mental or physical problem, you should turn to your loved ones for advice and support. In addition to talking to a doctor, you also could benefit from outside help, such as a therapist or a mental health and addiction program from Forward Recovery.

Counteract Negative Thoughts

Negative thinking can damage your quality of life, as it can make you feel unconfident and worthless. There are numerous forms of negative thinking you might be guilty of, such as emotional reasoning (drawing conclusions based on feelings over facts), mislabeling (applying incorrect labels onto people), and personalization (blaming yourself for things you cannot control).

There are, however, ways to counteract negative thoughts. For instance, you could replace the thought with a positive one, you could repeat positive affirmations, or you could embark on cognitive behavioral therapy.

Attend Medical Appointments

Are you guilty of missing essential medical appointments? If so, it’s time to stop playing Russian roulette with your health and start attending every important appointment, such as a routine check-up or an examination. It’s also vital you talk to a doctor if you are living with a physical or mental health problem, as they can diagnose your symptoms to provide you with the appropriate treatment.

Regular Exercise

There are millions of reasons why you need to exercise each day. Not only can it help you to keep fit, but it can support a healthy sleeping pattern, lift your mood, maintain healthy organs, and can help you to say goodbye to excess weight.

If you’re struggling with a weight-related medical condition, depression or insomnia, put on some fitness clothing to hit the gym, go walking or running, play a sport, or attend a dance class. Follow the American Heart Association’s recommendation of enjoying a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity for five days a week, followed by strength training twice per week.

Adopt a Healthy Diet

We all know why a healthy diet is important, as it can help people to maintain a healthy weight and prevent various health conditions, such as obesity and heart disease. However, did you know there is also a link between a diet and depression?

It’s believed good nutrition can help to combat the mental health disorder, especially if you consume more vitamin b-12 and folate (almonds, dairy and leafy vegetables), as well as omega 3 fatty acids (salmon, trout, and catfish).

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