5 Best User Engagement Apps To Go For This Christmas!

Posted on Nov 7 2013 - 10:57am by Jill Elliott

Christmas Tree

With the holiday season around the corner, there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that application developers must be going crazy. Each one running along in a quest to create something new and exciting to hook their users on to.

Probably the biggest question that I have faced being in this field is exactly how important is user engagement. Well, before answering that, we must first understand what user engagement is and how it plays an important role.

Understanding User Engagement

User engagement refers to the kind of user experience that can be generated by your product. Of course, engagement ratios differ from industry to industry, but in the app zone, Use Engagement can be defined as a user using an application daily and spending a decent amount of time on it.

Top Apps

Like I already mentioned above, there have already been talks of a host of different applications that have been created for Christmas. Following is a list. Take a peek and go holiday in an appy way!


This is one app to die for. You know all those times when you really want something but are too shy to ask for it? And eventually someone buys you something even more expensive, but you just did not want it!

Well, this app specifically takes care of this problem. Apple’s creative team put together this iPhone app which allows you to share your wish list with your friends and family. People can go through it and buy for you the thing that they can afford!

What’s more, to add a dash of fun to the whole thing, the people are rated as the most generous and least generous. Special Karma points too are given to your gifters! SO, with this app you are sure to have a happy Christmas. [More Info]

Dr. Seuss Camera- The Grinch Edition

Any family with little kids who are over excited for Christmas can enjoy this amazing little app! The Grinch Edition of the Dr. Seuss Camera available for US$1.99 has a set of 20 “Grinchmas” cards. These cards can be personalised with your own photos because everyone likes to dress up as the Grinch! Once you have these lovely cards, you can either mail them to your friends or even save it to the app’s picture library. This is surely a Christmas must have app. [More Info]

The Christmas List

Shopping is what gets people going. I mean, who doesn’t like to shop during the holidays! Get this app for a hassle free shopping experience. This app allows you to create your own personal shopping list. The best thing about this app is that it enables you to create independent categories for a systematic shopping experience. [More Info]

Santa’s Christmas Village

Santa’s Christmas Village (Free) consists of more than 13 games with fun holiday themes. It’s got solitaire, checkers, hangman, minesweeper, and more. Twenty holiday songs are also included. If you have a lot of holiday preparation to do and a handful of kids, this app will keep them engaged while you catch your breath! [More Info]

Talking Santa

As much as that cat gives me the creeps, Santa makes it absolutely fantastic. This talking Santa features our usual Tom sitting on his lap. He is absolutely adorable and his typical Santa HO HO HO voice makes Christmas more alive. [More Info]

Photo Credit: Flickr/Steve Wilson

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