4 Indian Hatchbacks Which Take Passenger Safety Seriously

Posted on Oct 17 2019 - 10:53am by Editorial Staff

Buying a new car, nowadays, has become more of a necessity than a luxury. With the number of car models available in today’s times; however, choosing the right car for your family is nothing short of winning a battle – first you have to consider the price, mileage, cost to run, performance, and above all, the security features of the car model, and then apply for car loan to finance the purchase.

Coming to security measures available, almost every car being sold in India currently has to undergo a safety rating evaluation from the Global NCAP (National Car Assessment Program). Based out of the UK, Global NCAP is an organization that focuses on the promotion of consumer safety in vehicles and public health and safety.

New car buyers; therefore, can use the NCAP safety ratings as a datum point to assess the structural integrity of the vehicle, and choose a car with NCAP ratings of 4 or higher. If you are looking for an economical family car with superlative safety features, here are a few Indian hatchback models to consider:

1. Tata Nexon

Tata Motors recently received a 4-star rating from NCAP for their compact SUV, Nexon for adult occupancy. While Tata Nexon is not necessarily a hatchback, its cost-effective pricing makes a premium choice for new car buyers who wish to maximize their budget. In a bid to improve their safety rating, Tata updated all Nexon variants with a seat-belt reminder for both front passenger and driver side and made them compliant to the UN95 side-impact protection regulations.

Also, all variants of the Tata Nexon have two airbags, Isofix child seat mounts and ABS as standard security features. Subsequently, Tata Nexon is the first indigenously developed Indian car to receive a 5-star NCAP rating with a score of 16.06 out of 18 in adult occupancy. While the vehicle’s structural integrity is ‘stable’ according to Global NCAP, the car also provided appropriate head and neck protection to both driver and front passenger.

2. Toyota Etios Liva

Etios Liva from Toyota is one of the few hatchbacks currently available in India to have an excellent 4-star rating from Global NCAP for adult occupancy. In its first crash test, the vehicle scored a test score of 13 out of 16. Toyota Etios Liva also comes equipped with additional passenger safety upgrades such as Isofix child seat mounts, ABS with EBD. Overall, Etios Liva is an economical hatchback variant that adheres to the comprehensive security regulations; thus, you can consider it as your first family car.

3. Volkswagen Polo

Along with Tata Nexon, Volkswagen Polo was one of the first indigenously developed cars to be tested for safety by Global NCAP. On its first crash test, Volkswagen Polo scored a solid 4-star crash test rating for adults, for its dual-airbag variant. On the other hand, the Polo holds a 3-star rating for child occupancy.

Currently, Volkswagen Polo GT TSI comes with features such as ABS, seat-belt reminders and Isofix child seat mounts as standard. Also, the vehicle offers functionalities such as ESC, traction control, rear parking sensors, and hill-start assist.

4. Hyundai i20 Elite

Hyundai’s offering in the premium hatchback segment, the i20 Elite doesn’t hold back when it comes to packing top-notch security features in one vehicle. The i20 Elite comes with features such as dual airbags, seatbelt reminders, ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors and the speed-alert system as standard offerings.

Also. The mid-spec variant of the vehicle, the Magna comes equipped with daytime running lamps, central locking, and steering mounted audio controls, while the base Era variant offers an Eco coating along with speed alert system and rear parking sensors.

Never Compromise With Your Family’s Safety

In India, the number of vehicles on the road has been steadily increasing since the last few years. As a result, there is a renewed impetus on improving on-road and vehicle safety measures. In an attempt to attract new buyers; therefore, leading car manufacturers are introducing car models that are not only economical and are laden with several premium features, but also rank high in the global safety ratings.

The ease of buying a car in India is further improved by the various car loan offers from reputable insurers such as Axis Bank, which not only help you maximize your car-buying budget but also make sure that you don’t have to dig through your savings to fulfil your dream of owning your vehicle. There are different types of car loan options available in India – both online and offline. Therefore, you need to compare different options for car loans online first and then select the car loan that offers you the maximal loan amount with the minimum possible rate of interest and easy loan repayment facilities. At the same time, make sure that you choose a vehicle that places your family’s safety above all.

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