Make These Simple Yarn Ornaments For The Holiday

Posted on Oct 22 2019 - 7:39pm by Editorial Staff

With Christmas coming up, it’s easy to get into the holiday spirit. As the tree goes up, and you start to make a dent in your shopping list or pull out your baking recipes, you might just get into a crafting kind of mood. Christmas time is a great excuse to get your crafts done, and you can do them in all sorts of fun themes.

These simple yarn ornaments are easy to make, and perfect for kids to help. Decorating the Christmas tree is always an exciting event for any family, and making ornaments yourself adds to how special the occasion is. Plus, doing arts and crafts with kids hones skills like communication, listening, attention, and imagination.   

How to Make a Yarn Wrapped Ornament

These yarn ornaments are not just great on their own, but can even be used as a topper for when you wrap gifts. To make the ornaments, you’ll need cardstock in Christmas colors, scissors, tape, yarn, and a Christmas-themed cookie cutter shape. This shape can be anything, from a star to a reindeer. 

Trace your shape onto the cardstock, cut it out for yourself or the kids, and tape the end of the yarn into a loop. Then, circle around the yarn — however much you want. Get creative with it and add some flair. To mix things up, you could string together smaller shapes to create a Christmas garland.

Giving Ornaments as Gifts

Now that you know how to make holiday ornaments wrapped in yarn, you can try to make some other ornament project ideas that use this material. Here are some quick 30 minute crochet projects for the holidays that make great gifts:

  • Mini Mittens Ornaments: Christmas is cozy enough as it is, but these mini mittens will make you feel extra comfortable as you sit by the tree.    
  • Crochet Stars: If you want to start learning how to crochet, a crochet star is a relatively simple project that you could master.
  • Classic Christmas Tree Ornament: Did you know that you can make a traditional ball-shaped Christmas tree ornament out of yarn? It puts a nice touch on the classic ornament style.
  • Red Heart Jolly Pickle: This ornament is a nod to the German legend that says the Christmas pickle was the last ornament hung on the tree, and that the first child to find it got an extra present. Maybe you enjoy this tradition with your family, or like an alternative idea. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter when someone notices a pickle ornament that’s wearing a Santa hat.
  • Candy Cane: Nothing is more festive than a red and white candy cane. You can use a high-quality yarn like bernat yarn to get the colors just right. A candy cane ornament is a perfect addition to any tree, giving it a vintage feel.

No matter what yarn or crochet project you want to undertake throughout the holidays, there are many patterns and ideas that you can discover. Ornaments always make an excellent gift for anyone, and learning new crafting skills is always an enjoyable experience.

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