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Posted on Jul 23 2013 - 1:18pm by Amar Kukreja

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Killer blog articles! These are blogs and articles that get injected to the heart and mind of readers through the eyes. We can say that writing or developing killer blog articles are like car riding. Once you learn how to drive it, not only you never forget it, but also you like to be engaged in it. It is something you have even not thought about. Because it happens automatically and even you will wonder how the ideas from the brains come as the words through your fingertips to the documents. Here are the 10 steps that can make you free from the training wheels and helps you to develop killer blog articles.

1. Idea – Intelligent & Interesting

Whenever an intelligent and interesting idea runs to your mind, jot down in your small notebook without wasting another second. Also, make a note of all related idea that hunts your mind to develop a superb topic. 

2. Title – tactic and targeting

It is said that face can say all about a person. Likewise, title of the articles should say what is inside and should prompt the reader to go further. Have a clear idea about what you are about to write in article and give a tactic and targeting title to your article. 

3. Highlights – listen and list it

The next moment you are ready with the topic your mind will be full of highlights related with the topic and idea. Listen to what mind generates and list the same in a piece of paper.

4. Introduction – Inviting and Inducing

You get the thrill with the first step in to amusement parks because of the beauty of entrance. The same you have to give in the opening paragraph of what called introduction. Make it inviting, inducing and informative to grab and arrest the attention of the readers. 

5. Expand – points to paragraphs

Now it is the time to fill the details. Expand the listed points with the usage of beautiful words. Give exact information about the point in two or three lines with perfect sentences matching the points. 

6. Image – insert to interact

Insert at least one image to your article to make it interactive. You can select any of the image that you feel will give extra attraction to your article. Some gives the snap shots of the article, other humorous message. You can insert one as you wish.

7. Format – frame to fit

You have made the contents and inserted the image. Now it is the time preview the article. Check for anything like line breaks, irregular sentence ending and more. Format the article to give it a frame that fit it. Don’t forget formatted articles easily attracts the attention.

8. Optimize – support the search engine

Optimize the keywords to make the content to support the search criteria of the search engines to get good rankings.

9. Meta Tags – Clues to catch

Never forget to give Meta tags. They are just like clues that easily catch the attention of search engines and readers.

10. Second look – sure to strike something

Always have a second look and engage in further edit. There is no doubt that your will surely find something that you are going to edit or change.

That’s all…. Publish the article with confidence………!

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