Yahoo Makes Mojito Web App Tool Open Source

Posted on Apr 3 2012 - 6:11am by Editorial Staff

Yahoo announced the availability of Yahoo!’s Mojito in open source, a ground-breaking JavaScript framework developed by Yahoo! for Web developers. Mojito is one of the Yahoo! Cocktails, our JavaScript-centric presentation platform for connected devices.

Ren Waldura, Senior Product Manager for Cocktails said: JavaScript frameworks are nothing new. We know there are already a number of them out there. However, Mojito brings something new and unique to the table.

  • Mojito is all JavaScript, that’s good. JavaScript is the single most widely available programming language today, and that’s something worth taking advantage of.
  • Mojito is a true MVC framework, that’s better! MVC is a battle-tested design pattern, having proven its usefulness in desktop apps, in server-side apps, in, today, rich client-side applications. Those who ignore MVC… often reinvent it.
  • But the best part of Mojito is its ability to “blur” the client/server boundary, to let you write code that runs on the client, or the server. Or both.

Concluded by saying that “To recap: you want to write an app for the largest audience, wherever they are. Using Mojito, you can write an app that adapts to different devices. Not only in terms of presentation, but also in terms of computation, i.e. some processing can be done on the server, or the client, up to you.”

(Image Source: Mojito logo, Featured Image)

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