Yahoo Acquires Jybe, A Personalized Recommendation Company Founded By Former Yahoo Employees

Posted on Mar 20 2013 - 11:28pm by Editorial Staff

Jybe + Yahoo

Yahoo today announced that it has acquired Jybe, a personalized recommendation company founded by five former Yahoo employees. The company was founded with keeping the vision to help people find the things they love to do base on what’s trending in their social circles. There are no words on what it cost Yahoo to acquire the company although it do welcomed back all the five former employees back in the company.

The Jybe’s team includes both engineers and data scientists, namely Arnab Bhattacharjee, which was previously the VP of Yahoo Search Technology and the other four are the former key members of Yahoo Search Technology as well as Hadoop – Tim Converse, Christian Kunz, Sameer Paranjpye, and Karthik Krishnamurthy.

In the same go, Jybe also confirmed the news via its company website:

We are super excited to announce that Jybe has been acquired by Yahoo!.

The Jybe team first set off two years ago to bring mobile users smart, personalized recomendations on food and entertainment. This has been a fun and furious journey for our tiny startup, as we applied our various technology backgrounds to recommendation and mobile app design. It’s now time to move ahead to join a larger company, and Yahoo! is the perfect match.

For the five of us who will be joining Yahoo! this is a coming home – we are all former Yahoos. Three of us left Yahoo! to pursue our passion at Jybe, and two of us took a longer path via other startups and search-engine companies. We can’t wait to apply what we’ve learned about recommendation, personalization and the mobile experience to the hundreds of millions of people who come to Yahoo! every day. We look forward to (re)joining the world-class talent already working at Yahoo! and are excited to hit the ground running.

To our awesome users, thank you so much for trying out the Jybe platform. We hope it made your life a little more entertaining. We will be closing down the Jybe service, but we are putting together a tool so you can download and keep all your data. We’re eager to start applying everything we’ve learned and built to the Yahoo! platform, so stay tuned. Exciting developments are ahead!

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